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The Latin word curvilineus came to our language as curvilinear. This adjective is used to qualify that formed by curved lines. A curve, on the […]


Everything about Cancer

May 15, 2022 foodezine 0

The term cancer or cancer disease, which has already become colloquial and which has gained importance in the field of both human and veterinary medicine, […]


Everything about Conviction

April 17, 2022 foodezine 0

From the Latin convictĭo, conviction is the conviction that one has about something. According to, those who have a conviction have reasons or beliefs […]


Everything about 3G

April 16, 2022 foodezine 0

According to abbreviationfinder, 3G mobile telephony is a wireless communications service that allows you to be permanently connected to the Internet through your mobile phone, […]


Everything about KB

March 22, 2022 foodezine 0

According to abbreviationfinder, KB is the abbreviation for Kilobyte which is a computing unit of measurement equivalent to 1024 bytes of computer memory or the capacity […]

Everything about GSM

Everything about GSM

March 21, 2022 foodezine 0

Technical characteristics in GSM According to abbreviationfinder, MMS messages are a new extension of mobile messaging to include, initially, real images and sounds, later videos […]

Everything about OK

Everything about OK

March 13, 2022 foodezine 0

You can’t do without English abbreviations in German either. OK is not just such a popular abbreviation among young people. It stands for “okay”, that […]


Everything about Consent

February 27, 2022 foodezine 0

It is known as consent to the act and result of consenting (that is, approving the realization of something, condescending, having something certain, granting, allowing, […]

Everything about County

Everything about County

February 13, 2022 foodezine 0

The term county, which derives from the Latin comitātus, has several uses. The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in its dictionary […]