10 Coolest Gadgets 2015

2015 will be an exciting year in terms of technology and gadgets. Here’s a look at what will be hot next year.

The past year brought us everything from new Iphones to Android 5.0. It has been a year full of big changes, not least the Microsoft plans to take a few steps back and spend more on services instead of licenses. Something we certainly get to see in 2015.

Here are ten of the largest technology events we expect to see in the next year.

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Windows 10

Windows 10 is in full production and a trial version can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site. By what we have seen so far, the impression is vastly better than an ugly duckling Windows 8.

Microsoft has taken his senses and reinstated the boot menu, it disappeared is something that has stood as a symbol of the failure of Windows 8.

In addition to features such as central notices, Cortana and other goodies is the big question about Windows 10 will be free? A manager at Microsoft recently announced that the operating system will never be free, but that business model may change and lean more in services instead of licenses.

Microsoft Chief did not go into details, but the evidence suggests that Windows 10 could be free to download, but instead, many operating system features to be available using subscriptions, similar to Office 365. Software as a service is the new mantra that more and more companies are investing in.
When? Microsoft has said that Windows 10 is released into late summer or autumn of next year. We look at the previous release, it will most likely take place in late October.

Google Sunglasses

Google’s smart sunglasses was only meant by SunglassesTracker.com to be released as early as this year. Things, however, have a tendency to take longer than expected, and the Glass is no exception.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, has previously said that Glass will be released when the product is ready, either earlier or later. It can mean anything, but given how long my glasses have been tested and to keep both the developers and the customers ‘ interest up learning that happens sometime in 2015.

When? Since Google has not given the slightest hint of a release date, it is impossible to say. Given that Google ice cream is a gadget that would become popular during the summer and holidays can spring be one possible period.

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Android M

oogle’s Android 5.0 Lollipop is still steaming hot, yet it appearedlittle bits of information about the next version that is said to go under the code name Android M. Nothing has, however, been confirmed by Google, but given that both Apple and Microsoft are betting on yearly major updates learn Android users also get to see more updates more often than in the past.

Mobile phone makers have also been quicker to upgrade their devices compared to a few years ago. Something that makes each major version of mobile operating system gets a shorter life span.

When? Would Google showing off Android M at the annual Google i/o Conference this summer, there are high chances that it will be released until late autumn of 2015.

Oculus Rift

Few products have been so hyped that vr helmet Oculus Rift from Oculus VR. The hype was so great that Facebook earlier this year simply bought up the Oculus VR for two billion dollars in cash and stock.

How Facebook plans to link up the Oculus Rift with their social network is still unknown. According to the Oculus VR has the Facebook acquisition made it possible to sell the consumer version of Oculus Rift at a lower price than previously planned.

Even here, it is likely that Facebook will not earn anything on the actual hardware, but rather on the services that will be woven in with social features.

When? Oculus VR have confirmed that Oculus Rift will be released sometime in 2015, but without specifying a date. A launch is likely during the CES show which kicks off on January 6. Not least due to the Oculus VR’s ceo in november announced that Oculus Rift is very close to a release date.

Apple Watch

Rumors surrounding Apple’s Smart Watch drew in time several years ago and many competitors jumped on the bandwagon well before Apple even showed off a product.

When Apple finally showed up Apple Watch in september, tension increased further. Get outside Apple has, however, been testing the watch, and the details of it on Apple’s site is relatively modest.

When? Apple has said that the first versions of Apple Watch will be released sometime in early 2015. According to rumors , one of Apple’s executives have said that the release will occur sometime after the Chinese new year, which occurs on February 19.

Infinite space in the cloud

According to analyst firm IDC will focus on cloud services to grow by 42 per cent in 2015. As the use of cloud services is rising and consumers are beginning to become accustomed to the technology teaches competition increase next year.

With big competitors like Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple and Microsoft Onedrive teaches the fight if the users harden further. During the past year, we have seen that almost all players in the market for consumer-oriented cloud computing has increased the storage space offered free of charge.

It is not likely that any of them will offer unlimited space for free, but in all probability, several of them do it for a relatively low fixed cost.Google Apps offers already unlimited space for smaller companies of at least five people. We expect a similar offer also comes to consumers in 2015.

When? This is a market that is moving very fast right now, but it’s impossible to put a date on when new deals may be available.

IBM’s new atomic memory

Of all the new gadgets are released next year, this is perhaps the most interesting, at least in the long run. IBM’s Atomic memory, who goes by the name 12-Atomic Memory Storage, has the potential to shake up the market for storage completely.

To store a single bit normally requires a million atoms. What IBM managed to do is to store the same amount of using only twelve atoms. What this means in practice is that it is possible to build storage media that have hundreds of times more storage capacity in the same space.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could store all your music on your mobile phone or throw in a hard drive to 250 terabytes in your computer?

When? According to IBM’s technology is so far advanced that a consumer product will most likely be in trade by the end of 2015.What it will cost, however, is unknown, but since it’s about the consumer market prices become affordable learning.

3D printer breakthroughs

Analyst firm Gartner recently predicted that sales of the 3d printer will take off in 2015 and that sales will be doubled compared with this year. According to Gartner, there will be sold somewhere North of 215 000 units next year, a figure that will increase to 2.3 million before 2018. Prices are expected to fall at the same rate.

Even if it isn’t some great numbers for the consumer market, there are many other signs that 3d printers will be used in all larger scale among e-tailers. More and more companies have now started to offer tailored products that can be printed according to the buyer’s wishes.

This can include everything from keyrings, phone pouch and jewelry. Innovations in how 3d printing can be used is still in its cradle andnew opportunities will teach no doubt see the light of day next year.

When? This is an ongoing trend that will grow continuously throughout the year.

Social media consolidates even more

Facebook is King of the Hill when it comes to social media and get to keep their position in the foreseeable future. With more than 1.3 billion users, Facebook is not only the largest social network, it is also the most aggressive in terms of takeovers by competitors.

Since 2005, Facebook has bought up all 50 companies, among them we find the big players like Instagram, Whatsapp and Oculus VR.Some of the buying is about to expand Facebook’s services, while the other is about to kill off competitors who have the potential to take users.

With a fat cash cash at several billion dollars, there are still resources to make more acquisitions. Although it is a bit of a shame that a big giant can dominate the market as strong as Facebook does, but expect more acquisitions will be made in 2015.

Despite the accolades of users on Google + the service is not really reached out to the same scale as Facebook in terms of use. Google + is unlikely to be closed, because it plays a central role in nearly all of the company’s services, but Google will not put any more effort into competing with Facebook over the next year. Google says that Google + is not a social network, but rather a long-term project.

Body near technology takes off

Athletic technique, that is to say, smart watches and similar gadgets, will again be in focus at next year’s CES trade show which kicks off January 6. All the great players like LG and Motorola are expected to show sharp competitors to Apple Watch.

However, it is not only smart watches and bracelets that will grow over the next year. A number of manufacturers are developing solutions that are even smaller and which will be integrated into theexisting product groups. There has been talk about everything from smart clothes for headphones with sensors that can measure your heart rate.

Analyst firm Gartner goes even further and predicts that a third of all athletic technique will be more or less invisible before 2017. That means that everyday things like eyeglasses, jewelry and shoes will get hidden smart sensors and can be used for different purposes. Scary or exciting? It gives you as a consumer.


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