10/10, The Firm That Gambled on The Hiper-Geometricos Cuts as Creative Line

Jezebel men always we like to publicize marks which, despite not being unknown, do not usually make an appearance on our pages because it is more minority homes and with a more select audience. But today I consider it necessary to emphasize in 10/10, a firm commitment by the radical geometry in their assemblies as creative line.

The reasons? It will be one of the trends most views the next season, so it never comes bad take a look at a few looks and go assimilating ideas ASAP to go Training us.

We started with the trenches. The lapels and collars are entirely geometrical, with several layers and symmetrical cuts that outline and emphasize the features of the garment to unimaginable levels. The result are very aggressive sets you try to soften with the chromatic palettes.

Speaking of colour palettes, they are committed by blacks and whites (for not giving more prominence to the garment of which should be) and the iridescent in amber and green colours to achieve diversity in garments.

The patchwork in various materials and colors may be exaggerated in a way that it is even difficult to see down the street, but we like to stick with the concept of the multi-layer when it comes form the set and visual impact which is in the look.

Shirts and pants follow the same. In regards to the latter, they prefer the herringbone pants, symmetrical cuts with shot straight in silk and cotton, muted, earthy colors and stripe marked waist very tight to achieve a light effect and fall despite the aggressiveness of the forms.

Shirts are undoubtedly one of the strong points of the collection, for the game that can give and the ease of combined with clothes less as the shorts and get a very pro look to various styles.

Multicolored, often two tones, bet on earthy and cakes in a style in which pockets watchmakers are placed in a symmetrical manner with printed mirror and all supported by a few bottlenecks at peak and camouflaged buttons.

The result is a very aggressive garment but with an overwhelming personality, getting same define a set and shape at the same time that articulates this and that with the proper footwear and even with a few accessories to complete the look, can be an option to take into account.