Becomes The Third Humble Mobile Bundle with The Premiere of Ridiculous Fishing

The organizers of the Humble Bundle they have re-released a promotion of games for Android, being already the third time making an edition of exclusive games for Android. As usual, games are of great quality, they can be purchased at the price you want, have no DRM and can contribute to charities.

This time they have decided to repeat the proposal of hosting a premiere in a game Android, the last time was the expected Star Command, but this time we have Ridiculous Fishing and Swordigo, which for a while estraan exclusively in the Humble Bundle. Last promotion within two weeks already eligible to be in Google Play or the Amazon App Store.


EPOCH Retrieves the gameplay arcade that both triumphs in the mobile games. We will control a robot will have to arm ourselves to the teeth to eliminate our enemies, and using the pieces that drop you will be able to improve our equipment.


This game with a difficult to pronounce name hides a set of simple and highly polished game that will appeal to fans of the strategy. Already passed through our hands and is a small wonder that is an almost obligatory test for more gamers.


Maybe is going to be one of the more complex for which we are not natively English-speaking. SpellTower have to be finding different words between the marabunta of letters that we offer. A linguistic challenge that can help us to improve our English vocabulary.


This is the last thing you can get without paying a minimum. Swordigo We offer an adventure of lateral displacement that recovers the spirit of platform games. Simple but effective and which is worth to give a try despite not being the biggest trump card Pack

Ridiculous Fishing

The mechanics of this game has already been before: fishing deep the more better to get more valuable fish. Once get them not just everything, because we have to shoot to get our parts in the air. All this at a frenetic pace and with an exceptional design.

Kingdom Rush

This game I could play in browser and now decides to try his luck in Android. It takes the foundations of a Tower Defense but it gives you a very interesting personal touch. It has a very charismatic characters and story very well built a mode.

As it is usual, we can have games at the price you want, but for Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush will have to exceed the average of the contributions. Currently is in $4.11, derisory that also assures us that we will have more games the coming week.