BlackBerry App World Now Accepts Applications for BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM It has given the starting gun so developers wishing to do so may submit their programs for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for your approval and subsequent distribution through the BlackBerry App World, the official app store managed by own Canadian multinational.

A story that surely will not charge the necessary importance until one the number of applications received official estimation. It which, being sufficiently high, will be airing the four winds with a dual purpose: attract attention of potential customers at the same time that feeds the absurd war between manufacturers to see who has the most bulky store.

To ‘encourage’ creativity and the good of developers, RIM has taken into consideration deliver a copy of the device those who have their programs and everything in order before the onset of the tablet in North American stores. What continues to be a true reflection of how Canadians put all the meat on the grill and are committed to a project that serves spearhead for something that is already an open secret at the heart of the famous manufacturer of connected smartphones,.

If it should be after the emergence of Mike Lazaridis, Co-Chief Executive of the company, the technology magazine ‘Dive Into Mobile’, belonging to the network of digital media of ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and led by Walt Mossberg, which responsible for RIM stated officially the adoption by the high end of its Smartphone operating system built into the tablet, in a still-undetermined future.

Time in which convivirían terminals with the corresponding version of BlackBerry OS with a family of devices that would be equipped with the BlackBerry Tablet OS platform or, as it is known more commonly, QNX. A strategy that, in a way, imitates the executed so far by Apple and whose results may depend largely on the future of the company.

Coinciding with the announcement, RIM has also launched a update from the beta version of BlackBerry OS SDK for Adobe AIR. The update is now compatible with Flash Builder 4.5 (Burrito/Flex Mobile). In this way it is create an environment of flexible scheduling, easy and convenient that incites to a good number of programmers to join the project of the company, offering support for the execution of the development environment on Windows 64-bit or on the basis of a simulator for Linux.