Catalogue HE by Mango for This Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013 Ready for The Cold?

To cuts around the corner and above all, with that feeling of being sold out summer we put targeted next season and in everything that is going to bring. Today we are going to investigate a little more Mango catalogue for this Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013.

Already I anticipate a few weeks ago the campaign of Gerard Piqué for HE by Mango, central part of the image of the firm for next winter, but there we got some things that today we are going to discover. Open your wishlist and sees noting because there are interesting things.

Buff, a basic collection of HE by Mango

There is no winter collection in the Catalan company that resists buff in the employment of jackets. The quality of these tends to be very high but also, in consequence, its price. Go to a store that in theory is lowcost and pay more than € 300 for a jacket is not something to which I have become accustomed.

In lighter shades or a duller Brown, with pockets or without them, with elastic or one more classic finish… All the ingredients for cold and be up to date this autumn-winter. To combine the possibilities are endless: yarn sweaters, shirts… Which of the three do you prefer?

The padded synonymous of elegance

Already the catwalks, forward it us for next season, one of the strongest trends were the Quilted coats and my little by little me is winning to the point of having already signed one of these. We also have the option vests and jackets with a much more elegant and less casual inspiration.

This Cross jacket Grey is my favorite. We also see much prominence at the lapels and the interior which on this occasion is in blue, perfect for the late night, a special dinner or even a job interview. What do you think?

The Barbour, another classic

Barbour is the name of this type of waterproof texture and a very solid structure and with a degree off-road jackets perfect for the day to day.

Blazers fullcolor

With the departure of summer, do not think that we are going to travel to the world of dark colors and the absence of prints. That is not the case and handle wants to prove it and proposing Blazers in shades of light or even printed. Attentive to following the elbow pads!


Finally we look at the suits whose main characteristic is the modernity of patterns with which they always play HE by Mango. Their man, young and daring, seeks a structure in costumes anything classical and tends to jackets and tailored pants. Between colors, grey is the clear protagonist…

As we see, variety of styles, fabrics and colors for different men. A catalogue that has given much of themselves. Do you like the proposal of HE by Mango for next season?