Federal Network Agency: Start the Frequency Auction nor 2014

On the German mobile operator a further major auction of radio frequencies to roll at the end of the year. Expire more than 20-year-old radio rights, which started the cell phone boom of the 1990s, and should again auctioned are.

Free frequencies under the hammer

Is planned to auction of a package of more than 160 megahertz, it says in a position paper, now published by the Federal Network Agency. Volume roughly equivalent to the complete equipment of so-called GSM frequencies in the 900 and 1,800 megahertz a Netzbertreibers.

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to get more packages from other radio bands, such as the 700-megahertz range, also called the digital dividend II. These radio areas were released by the switchover of broadcasting on the digital technology and are ideal for the expansion of the fast Internet in the country. Observers expect a billion revenue. However, the Federal Network Agency must still officially set the allocation procedure.

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Frequency auction a lucrative

At the last major frequency auction 2010 the four major German operators paid a total of 4.4 billion euros for the auctioned frequencies. In the UMTS auction in 2000, six bidders turned even 50 billion euros on the table.

The now-expiring GSM frequencies be available as quickly as possible for the mobile Internet available, it goes in the paper. Against the background of the planned merger of E-Plus and Telefonica Germany, the Federal Network Agency changed the details of upcoming procurement. While the authority was an imbalance in the rate facilities in the areas of 900 and 1,800 megahertz fixed.

Fusion E-Plus/Telefonica: EU has Objections

E-plus/Telefonica must grant frequencies

Both operators would have to clear in advance the GSM frequencies used by them for a share of the fusion, to enable a quick use after the award of the competitors. The Commission is currently examining the merger of E-Plus and Telefonica. Their competitors see for the case of the success of the merger when equipped with mobile radio frequencies at a disadvantage. Coinciding with the EU’s decision, the Federal Network Agency wants to decide further action, is set in the autumn to the award procedure. The competitor Vodafone welcomed in a first reaction the power Agency’s procurement plans.