Frequently Asked Questions about Toys

Is it improving the technology?

Of course! Speed, robustness of manufactured vehicles and engines, of course, the size and the cost of other component parts are also diminishing sense that many more possibilities there are theses day when it comes to the purchase of (or the construction of their own) RC all prices vehicles.

At the lower end of the spectrum of some of these advances have been seen especially in the highest quality ‘radio control’ IR and not RC vehicles (and more particularly which enter in the category ‘remote controltoy’) have seen entering the market in recent years.

Another very interesting development (I think!) In space has also been the increasing emergence of iPhone and all mobile phones and tablets controlled vehicles. These use a variety of technologies of ‘dongles’ infrared that connect to your mobile device (as they do) even teeth blue (like this onedoes) to control your vehicle.

Are there more than just cars, planes, boats and helicopters RC toys and RC vehicles?

Yes! Yes! Yes! These days you can almost pick up at any hour of the RC vehicle may want. From tanks, planes and submarines to the most exotic models like this:

Do all RC toys and RC vehicles work with batteries?

Although drivers will always use some type of batteries (either standard out of the platform or the rechargeable more specific), the vehicle itself can be operated with batteries (in different ways, once again), or what is known as ‘nitro’.

Nitro fuel is essentially only a product based on methanol, which has had varying amounts of oil and added Nitromethane. Nitro fuel type you want to use depends on the type of vehicle in his career (and also, of course, your budget!). Fuel specialist nitro is available in hobby stores and for the more adventurous among us can, in fact, mix your own!

Although rarer than powered Nitro vehicles is also possible to get vehicles which run on variations of more traditional gasoline.

Nitro and gas engines usually only found in the more highline or models focused competitive. Definitely it’s not something you want to run inside your home!

What are old toys with RC cars RC could be renewed or updated?

This really depends on the model you have, but for those who were more expensive when purchased in general you can upgrade and up-spec them.

To a certain extent, this also will depend on how old vehicle in question and if the most recent pieces can be substituted for the oldest materials.

However, there are some great examples out there of the renewal of older vehicles – watch this from the guys at IconicRC with a renewed and modified Tamiya Hot Shot II 4WD Buggy (also in fact the first car I had when I was 11!).

Are the best only for outdoor use?

Although you can get some amazing RC toys and vehicles intended to be used mainly outdoor RC some developments in all RC itspace in recent times it has benefited no doubt what types of vehicles and toys can run inside.

From helicopters and drones really solid and fun for mini cars, iPhone vehicles and even controlled robots.

If you want something for interior or outdoor activities these days that can be guaranteed have a wide range of options to choose from!

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