Get To Know The Bike Models Before You Buy Yours

There are several models of bicycles and even if at first they all look the same, in fact they are not. There is an ideal bicycle model for each end which will be used, even if it is not noticeable, some peculiarities of each model make all the difference.

Some details in the structure of the bike can make all the difference, be it a compact frame that will allow you to ride faster or longer tires to withstand the irregularities of the ground.

To know which model is right for you, it is important to know beforehand what the purpose of the bicycle will be in your life. For each form of use you will find an ideal bike model: in the city, in irregular trails, for walks, for competitions, etc.

Compare the models before choosing yours because only then will you choose the ideal for your purpose and walk in comfort. This doubt in which the best model to buy is certainly the most important doubt and therefore all care is little.

It is of the utmost importance that you pay close attention to deciding the best bike option, since a good choice will certainly influence the passion you will get when you join the habit of riding a bicycle.

Before deciding which model you are going to acquire it is important to try out several others and check if the chosen model is safe and comfortable.

Now learn about bike types.

Types Of Bike

Urban Bike

This type of bicycle is one of the most suitable for those who are newcomers in the world of bikes, because it has the frame with a longer distance between the axles thus making the rider pedal in a more upright position than usually he I would have been using a mountain bike for example.

When standing in a standing position on the bike, its visibility on the area where it is pedaling becomes much more effective and also favors the comfort, however as disadvantage brings the reduction of the performance of the cyclist.

Despite this, urban bikes are very comfortable to ride. Some of them, already comes with front suspension which provides greater comfort and safety in the route, especially if it presents obstacles like steep climbs and holes in the track.

But because it is a bike used mainly for recreational purposes, the shock absorber becomes a not very necessary item.

Other points that aid in the comfort presented by this bicycle are the wider tires and the shock absorbers in the saddle. So this bike is ideal for those cases where you want to take a walk around places usually quiet and without many obstacles.


With fifty centimeters and caliper brakes in the front and rear, it is a bike considered low and single gear. They usually have clove tires and are used for track and track competitions.

Road Bike

They are those in which they were designed for efficient use on asphalts. For this category there are numerous options for your preference and these options can be divided into two large groups: ride and race.

Racing cars are usually made especially for good performance in terms of speed and so they have to be light and put the rider in a posture suitable for good performance. Already, the strollers are made with a comfort in mind for continuous use and also for cargo transportation.

Mountain Bike (Mtb)

Many say that it is their favorite because it can be used with comfort in the most varied situations. It is recommended for those who are starting to ride a bike with greater constancy, as it is practical and serves all types of tread, that is, it is either for walking on dirt tracks or even for that pedaling in the city.

Features of this model:

The picture is usually carbon, because it is a material with a greater lightness and is stronger;

The tires are elongated and have pins to adhere better to the most varied types of soils. In addition to being suitable for walking through land with holes;

The marches have a very important function, which is to help at the time of the slopes and the suspension that serves to give a comfort and to leave it stable when passing through places with uneven terrain.

Generally this type of bicycle presents some models in which they are relevant and due to their importance deserve to be cited.

Mountain Bike Models

Mountain Bike Hardtail

This bike was designed specifically for riding on uneven terrain. Its structure is robust and it presents a high resistance even so that it can withstand the leaps that usually occur in lands that present/display a series of obstacles.

The tires are wider and have detents to allow the bike to adhere to the terrain.

This bike features only front suspension which differentiates it from another model also present in the Mountain Bike group which is Full Suspension.

Mountain Bike Full Suspension

This type of bicycle presents a structure similar to that presented by the Hardtail model, differentiating from this model only by the presence of a rear suspension.

This element is essential for the cyclist to be able to drive the bike more lightly by riding on terrain while sitting where normally it is not possible to do on Hardtail-type Montain Bikes.

Downhill Montain Bike

For those who are not yet familiar with Downhill is a mode where the cyclist pedals down the hill and with this ends up facing great obstacles along the way.

This bike features a longer suspension stroke that allows it to withstand large impacts while at high speed. As regards weight, it is heavier compared to the other two models mentioned above.

If you are looking for adrenaline and want to start a new mode, Downhill is surely the best alternative for you and with this bike everything will be much more practical.

Mountain Bike All Mountain

These bikes were designed to bring together the best of both worlds. It is lightweight and will allow you to face a climb without ending up dismounting or descending from the bike to push in the middle of the ride. At the same time it presents a good resistance to face radical descents.

It has a medium-duty suspension and whenever possible install a lock on the suspension if it does not come with one, because for climbing this equipment is essential and will make all the difference. This type of bike has high weight and so are suitable for recreational use.


Handbikes are similar to reclining bikes, but differ from them because they have only 3 wheels. For those who can not be using their legs to pedal, with this bike you will only need your hands to be giving your bike ride.

Its exchange system, tires and brakes have the same standard of urban bikes but are inserted in the cranks. This is really a differentiated bike that was created to bring more comfort and practicality to your life.

Comfort Bike

For the ride only by robe, this is the ideal model. It is used for pedaling on the beach, in condominiums and so on.

Tandem (Double)

They are those with two saddles and a pair of pedals, so that two people can walk together.


This model leaves those who are walking in a well reclined position and has the pedals forward. This is certainly a more natural position and with a much lower requirement of those who are walking is flexible. They have the option of being equipped with windshields to improve aerodynamic capacity.

However, they are usually much heavier and therefore can not achieve pedal performance on vertical bikes.

It’s important that you keep an eye out for the following: The first thing you should do is exchange a few words with a cyclist who are more time in the area than you, to ask for some information on the various types and models of bikes.

It is also recommended to test some bike models to make sure the bike you are buying is the right size for you.

Regarding the marches presented by the bike, believe the quantity in itself does not count much, what will tell is precisely the precision they will provide.

But before taking all these actions, it is worth emphasizing again that you must define for what purpose you are buying a bike, if it is for something recreational or it is for more radical activities, because this particular detail makes all the difference, where, how could you Realize by the information quoted above that there is a particular bike for each type of situation and so one should not buy a lighter bike that are ideal for racing bikes and for walking in a recreational way.

Whatever your choice, go on a bike rack and buy your bike right away so you can enjoy the benefits of this practice and best of all by making use of a bike that matches your needs.

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