Google Has Removed ROM Manager of Google Play, Endangered Apps That Accept Payments by Paypal

The developer Koushik Dutta, Hellium or ROM Manager among others, has said publicly that Google urged to modify their applications for failing to meet payment of Google Play policies. It seems Koushik Dutta allowed access to premium features in ROM Manager PayPal payments.

That’s where Google says that only permit payment of applications or payments via Google Play in-app and it is here where We see danger a other applications.

Google wants to centralize the payment on Google Play system

Section 3.3 of the section prices and payment of the distribution agreement for developers of Google Play says::

3.3. also you can choose to distribute products for free. If the product is free, you will be exempt from the payment of the transaction fee. It is not allowed to charge any amount to users for copies of products that these users could initially downloaded for free. The intention of this provision is not to prevent the distribution of free trial versions of the product through an “upsell” option to get the full version of the product; in fact, we promote the obtaining of free trial versions of the products. However, if you wish to charge a fee when using the free trial version timed out, you must charge all fees for the full version of the product through the processor of payments Market. In this agreement, the term “free” means that he is does not charge any amount for the use of the product. The Market-payment processor must process all fees received by the developer for products distributed via Market.

How you can read, Google makes it clear that payment must be made via the processor of payments Market, i.e. via exclusively Google Play. In fact Koushik Dutta has submitted the following solution, offer a version for Google Play in which eliminates the option of payment by Paypal and will also offer an APK distributed from its web page that it will be a version in which it will offer PayPal.

As you can see Google It is beginning to take steps to applications that allow in-app subscriptions payment, or payments. Examples of applications that also offer alternative methods to the market we highlight WhatsApp, so it will be a question that elimination of other means of payment of Google Play.

Google offers developers 6 weeks to resolve the violation of section 3.3 paragraph prices and payment of the distribution agreement for developers of Google Play. In some ways we see this measure as monopoly payment of Android from Google apps and we hope that those of Mountain View offered alternatives to the users of the future.

There are exceptions to accept other forms of payment

Google Play has some exceptions in this respect, as it is the case of WhatsApp. It accepts other payment methods only to buy services, physical goods or digital content that can be used in other devices.

The exceptions that are trading in Google Play developer program policies are two and are very clear:

  • Payments that are made primarily for buy services or physical goods (for example, the purchase of tickets of film or a publication in which the price also includes a subscription to the physical copy),
  • Payments that are made to acquire goods or digital content that can be used outside of the application itself (for example, the purchase of songs that can be played on other music players).

WhatsApp, one of the applications that many have hinted to be affected by the same problem that ROM Manager, enters the services group as the license is valid for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.