Happy Mobile Renews Its Prepaid Rates Offering Calls to 0.04 Euros and 1 Gb for Eight Euros Per Month

Do not know if today being 12 12 12 or by the proximity of Christmas but today is still a fun day on new rates and promotions mobile phone.

First was Másmovil which launched its offer of 1 Gb for 4.5 euros for six months, followed by the 3 Gb of Tuenti for six euros during this holiday season and is now Happy Mobile who announces a renovation of its offer prepaid.

The virtual operator of Phone House renews its offer still more attractive rate, to those who navigate from your smartphone tariff national +, since it offers calls to 0.04 euros per minute more 0.15 euros settlement and a recurring bonus of 1 Gb of data for eight euros per month.

Those who do not wish the data bonus are also eligible to the same rate, case in which calls up to 0.06 euros per minute with a minimum monthly consumption of 1.65 euros. Internet connections outside of the bonus shall be governed by the standard rate, offering 30 Mb per day for one euro.

New rate Total

Another novelty is a new rate, the Total offering several advantages according to refills that made the customer. For every top-up of five dollars or more the customer will have 3000 minutes in free calls to other mobile Happy to consume in 30 days.

In addition if recharging is at least ten euros to the former benefit adding 100 Mb of browsing Internet and 100 SMS to other mobile Happy to also consume in 30 days. Finally each recharged grants client a 60% of extra balance gift.

The outside bonds or national calls are priced at 0.09 euros per minute more 0.29 euros of call with a minimum consumption of 1.65 euros per month.