LChoice: Faster Loading Book Purchase App

While the Amazon business hums, many stationary bookstores compete for survival. The trend towards comfortable shopping online meets not only small shops; the wind blows even chains like Thalia, Hugendubel, or the now insolvent worldview group vigorously in the face. While the big have their own online stores, the operation worthwhile for retailers often not.

Shopping via finger gesture or QR-code

Here is LChoice: each bookseller may register with active for around a year. As a customer, you invoke the app and search for the desired book. The database contains more than a million titles; soon follow also CDs and DVDs. charts such as the Spiegel bestseller list facilitate finding currently demanded works. Alternatively, enter a QR code that you have discovered for example on a promotional poster for a bestseller with the scanner built into the app. In the next step, the app automatically inserts the nearest bookseller in the environment. At your fingertips, you order the book finished.

Under circumstances faster than Amazon

Small advantage over online delivery: the dealer has the book in stock, the app automatically reserve it. The book can be picked up promptly you also Amazon is not faster. Otherwise, the order is done by the booksellers; Generally, the book is there then on the following day. Who does not will be able to load the goods can be home send.

Download: LChoice download for iOS App store
Download: download LChoice android Google Play store

No competition, but additional service

The approach of the LChoice app is interesting for the booksellers, as the company itself operates a book-shop, but provides only the ordering platform. Free there is no service of course: the participating retailers to LChoice Commission shall be to drain three percent of each purchase amount. But, there is not a basic fee, which also falls, if no order. The service is free for customers.

eBook reader in the test

Too few dealers on board

Our site sampled from the LChoice app in Hamburg. The ordering process was easily after a quick and free registration: takes you the integrated search or the QR code scanner immediately to the desired book. Practical:, The app displays as if the book at the local dealer is available. Too bad: In Hamburg, there is currently only a bookstore, the LChoice uses; nationwide, there are about 120 very few compared to the actually existing shops. After all: Who does not find his book at LChoice, him out of the app sends out an email and encouraged to join him.