Medion Akoya P2212T (MD99360): Test of the Aldi Convertible Notebook

Video: Medion P2212T

At the Aldi convertible you must not choose between notebook and Tablet: it is both in one and only 399 euros. Medion Akoya P2212T: Test of the affordable convertibles identical unit, same price: already had South in March Aldi the Medion Akoya P2212T offer. Now retighten the Aldi-North branches and make the comparatively cheap convertible on the shelf.

Notebook or Tablet?

Operation by touchscreen or keyboard? There is no clear answer, because both have their strengths and weaknesses. A good solution that combines the advantages of the input systems, convertibles are devices that combine notebook and tablets. There is a model with a detachable keyboard, running in the Tablet and notebook mode with Windows 8.1, to April 7 at Aldi Nord: the Medion Akoya P2212T at the hammer price of 399 euro.

for long arms

The Akoya is the size of an A4 sheet of paper with a 11.6 inch display (29,46 centimeters). About 1.7 kilograms for an 11-inch notebook computers that are fine, but there is no flyweight and two centimeters thick. If you take off the screen for Tablet mode, has still only 825 grams in the hand but this is almost double the weight of the smaller iPad air (469 grams). The weight feels especially if he for example longer surf the Internet without the tablet in the user.

Medion Akoya P2212T (MD99360): product and detail photos

Medion Akoya P2212T (MD99360) see

for sharp images

the only 399 euro P2212T shining movies with a full-HD display, it snapshots and Internet pages with 1920 x 1080 pixels sharp on the screen. Shortcoming: Colors it showed in the test distorts.

For Internet and Office

Also the computing power must be next to the display. Although not the fastest notebook, the Medion but offers enough power for Web browsing and Office tasks with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. But who wants to create a film of many clips, must schedule waiting. This is due to the weak processor. And the lame graphics unit, which allows at most fun with simple games like tiller ball FX. The Akoya is too weak on the chest to blast such as the Elder Scrolls online.

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On the other hand requires the weak processor with little power. In the test turned out to the Medion as a true cross-country skiers: when working it came out around seven hours without plug, while the video plays, there were just under seven hours peak values are! This endurance reached the Akoya but only in notebook mode, because the MEDION has ever a rechargeable battery in the display and the keyboard. The juice was in the Windows operation after around four hours the tablet alone (full test results see here).

Windows 8 comfortably with the touchpad control

for music, videos and photos

As the battery is also the memory of two parts: the SSD built into the Tablet provides for a rapid start of Windows and programs, offers but only 58 gigabyte memory. A 466 GB hard drive below the keyboard sits for photos, videos and music. But this solution has a catch: who uses the Medion as a Tablet, has no access to images, videos, or photos on your hard drive.

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Conclusion: Medion Akoya P2212T (MD99360)

The price is not only hot, but hardly to believe. After all, convertibles are rarely less than 1,000 euros to have and there is nowhere else a full-HD display for 400 euros. However, the Tablet part of Medion Akoya P2212T is unusually hard and the speed is high enough for Office and Internet, but not for complex video editing or demanding games. That scores the Akoya with robust construction, almost complete equipment and a long battery life.

Pro Full-HD Display, Long battery Life SSD / Hdd Combo wi-FI ac on Board Cons High Tablet Weight For complex Video editing slightly slow Keyboard slightly soft Test Note of Editor 2.64 satisfying stored