Medion Akoya S6214T (MD99380): the Notebook / Tablet Combo Test

Who is working with this giant tablet in the underground, is expected some attention pull: the part is fabulous 15.6 inches tall so has a diagonal of 39.5 centimeters! The new Medion Board is actually to the Aldi North and South on April 30, 2014 in the shelves, no classic Windows Tablet PC but a standard laptop with a detachable display: so the manufacturer is trying to score points on the somewhat erlahmten notebook market. Although almost every manufacturer in the offer has convertibles but hardly anyone brings models with a monster-display.

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Aldi on April 30, 2014, with the Medion Akoya S6214T offers a tablet in the notebook case. Worth the 499 euro convertible? Medion Akoya S6214T: The monster tablet in the check correctly almost: the mount, where is the display of the Akoya, can be after picking up below on the screen install and use as a stand. So the user can leisurely watch movies. In notebook mode, however the holder protrudes three centimetre from the device: this measures the housing as much as a mature 17-inch notebook or a DIN A3 sheet 28, 4 x 39 centimeters! And the Akoya is not only clunky, but brings a lot on the scale: with three centimeters height and 3.3 kg weight it’s a really fat one. In times of filigree Ultrabooks, that seems outdated. Also, who uses the device just as a Tablet, needs strong arms: with 1.5 kilograms weighs three times as much as an iPad air. Medion Board

Persistently and quietly

A reason for the massive height and the whopping weight: on the keyboard and the display two separate battery plug. The double came off in the test six hours and 42 minutes without outlet, the tablet alone four hours and 18 minutes are good values. Class: the test was not to hear the Akoya, not bugged so loudly whirring fans. Even under full load it remained cool also on the bottom (you will find the complete test table here).

Windows 8 comfortably with the touchpad control

5 pictures finger gestures see no quick calculator

Also of the memory comes in the double package: In the display, a hard disk (SSD) with around 57 Gigabyte capacity, in the keyboard is a classic hard disk with 466 gigabyte. The drive is not classic, but currently: Intel introduced the Pentium processor N3520, who works in the Medion, until end of 2013. But it’s an entry level model: Fürs surfing on the Internet and for Office tasks it loose enough. who wants to cut but for example a clip from multiple clips together, need lots of patience. Pity: For current games a strong missing the Akoya graphics chip.

Good touch screen, sharp display

Beautiful afloat, however, is the touchscreen, which accurately translates input. More precisely, this works with the provided PIN. Class: Photos and videos the Akoya in full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel brings focus on the display.

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Internet visits and movies fun thanks to the large display correctly, as long as the Tablet up on the stand. As a 15-inch notebook for the Akoya S6214T is too big and hard but who only from time to time wants to remove the display, about to surf at night in bed, is good with the Medion served.

Pro Comparatively cheap versatile Long battery Life Good Image Quality of more Precise touch Screen Pen in the Package Cons Some slow Pace of Work Not for current Games Tablet very hard Very large Construction Mark of Editorial 2.69 satisfying suitable