Mobile Happy Responds to Simyo by Adding Free Minutes between Clients in The Happy Price

Looking forward to war has Happy Mobile. If just two days Simyo celebrated its fifth anniversary with the inclusion of free minutes between clients in the five rate today is Happy mobile which has decided to trace the idea by enabling this same option in your rate happy.

Two weeks ago the virtual operator of Phone House decided to launch a very similar to the Cinco de Simyo rate, offering a bonus in Exchange for minimum consumption data. It’s happy rate, offering 300 Mb in Exchange for 4.9 euros of monthly minimum consumption as well as domestic calls to four cents per minute more 0.15 euros of call set-up.

A rate that low in more than two euros minimum consumption of this and a penny cheaper for calls to change cut nearly in half the bond included in the Simyo. The Orange operator response was swift and added to your rate star free minutes between its customers, something that now also makes Happy mobile.

Customers rate happy as those of Simyo 0/5 rate will have the advantage of not paying the first 10 minutes of each call other customers the virtual, only paying the call set-up 15 cents. Overcome those 10 minutes the price per minute will be four cents, also one penny less than Simyo.

Therefore this movement of mobile Happy Returns to place your fare in best conditions, so the choice between both options, both are covered Orange, back on if the 300 Mb Happy tariff are insufficient or not for the use of your smartphone user.