Numbrs: How Safe Is the Free Banking App?

A coup succeeded the creators of free banking app

With Numbrs. The name is similar to a well-known app from Apple, the advertising in the TV also appears in a very familiar look. An app. All banks. Free. so advertises the Numbrs AG, one of ProSiebenSat.1. 1 supported company from Switzerland. But how safe is free of charge? COMPUTER image spoke to the experts by AV-test, an independent Institute for IT security.

Online banking apps in the test

Server in Switzerland

Numbrs has for weeks in the top 10 of the free apps in the app store. But only 1.5 stars as a rating suggests that there is great in a free app for financial affairs. Numbrs displays the current account balance, is thanks to the transaction-categorization algorithm ‘ but also able to predict future transactions. To keep the operation as easy as possible, the PIN offers the app in addition saving that encrypts it according to the text of the terms and conditions on the systems at Numbrs in Switzerland pushes.

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Encrypted, but unnecessary

Traffic is encrypted and not simply break down , so Maik Morgenstern, Chief Technology Officer at AV-test, what is in the data protection regulations, is already bad enough. Because: Numbrs stores not only the access data to your account, but also all account movements. For the function of the app, so AV-test, that was absolutely unnecessary. Another view of the document reveals the true background: the usage data Numbrs used to create pseudonymised user profiles for new custom services. AV-test suspects that behind these cryptic description are nothing more than planned advertising and product recommendations.

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Conclusion: Numbrs

While so classified is the transfer between Smartphone and server with encryption as safe, a big question mark behind the use of user data. The manufacturer specifies to use the data of users exclusively for developing the app. COMPUTER image advises: regardless of whether you want to use Numbrs or not you never store the PIN in your account.