Philips Creates Lighting That Changes Color According to Alert Setting

Philips introduces Hue Beyond, new intelligent lighting.In the form of a desk lamp and ceiling, the technology has two light sources in the same equipment, a fixed white and a variable color, which can be controlled by the user from the official application for devices with iOS and Android operating systems.The new LED lamp model, which can be displayed in IFA 2014, is similar to the Hue smart.

We tested the Philips Hue;Kit with smart lamps is pure fun

In general, the operating mode of the new intelligent luminaire is the same as that of Philips Hue .With built-in color light, it is possible to program various types of alerts by means of pre-defined rules in the software or by using services such as IFTTT. The lights may flash in a certain color, for example, whenever a new e-mail arrives in the user’s inbox.

Because the lights are independent – the white is lower and the color is higher – they can be controlled separately by the user, creating a number of different combinations. However, there is no way to change Hue Beyond lamps, although Philips guarantees the duration of up to 15 years of continuous use.

The company charges expensive for these advantages. The lighting will be marketed at for US $ 430 (R $ 960) to R $ 695 (R $ 1,550), without the Internet connection hub, which will be sold separately.Hue Beyond is expected to arrive in Europe and the United States in September, but not expected to land in Brazil.The amounts converted to reais do not include taxes.