Shan: Battery Pack for Eco-Conscious Mobile Owners

Sun, power out is the concept that this traces Berlin start-up Sun Republic with its modular system of solar cells. What complicated sounds, is quite simple. Four times four centimeter solar cells recharge a built-in battery by solar radiation. Via a USB port, the small companion passes the current if it is urgent, to the Smartphone. Own especially as keychains are the individual solar cell modules.

Puzzles with solar cells

The small cells in the colorful plastic panels of hot Shan. The name is program. The red, green, black, white, yellow and blue modules can click together. Put together the modules produce more power, are more effective and can also serve as accompaniment for barbecues, trips to beach and Lake as rechargeable emergency battery.

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12 hours charging time in the Sun

The base unit is ClicLite, 30 grams is easy and provides sufficient power after a day in the Sun to protect your smartphone from the Akkutod. On average 15 percent of a Smartphone’s battery can recharge the ClicLite. Unfortunately the battery when charging in the Sun can be something too much time. Twelve hours required a single solar cell in the Sun to charge the battery fully. With six solar cells recharge instead of 12 hours only two takes. If the Sun is not shining, the battery via the USB cable to PC or notebook can be recharged.

Flashlight Pocket

The flashlight is in short supply for later hours in the barbecue area often and will be sorely missed, when it comes to cleaning up and packing up. Thanks to Smartphone, an app ensures worthy replacement as long as the battery is full. But also ClicLite offers this small highlight. In the case of the ClicLite, a LED is integrated. It is adjustable in three stages and can serve as a flashlight at night. Only one hour is sufficient sunlight to make for an hour the LEDs in the maximum operating.