Simyo Adds Free Minutes between Customers at The Rate of Five Cents

Simyo We are accustomed to celebrating their anniversaries with the launch of new rates or improvement of any existing and on this occasion was not going to be less. On this occasion the virtual celebrates its fifth anniversary improving their rate of five cents by adding free minutes to other Simyo.

Further improves the best rate to talk and browse from your mobile according to our users and will offer calls to zero cents per minute the first ten minutes of each call to other Simyo. Exceeded that duration the subsequent minutes are billed at five cents per minute.

The changes announced today does not affect the rest of aspects the rate. that will continue to provide 555 Mb free in Exchange for 6.99 euros monthly minimum consumption and domestic calls to five cents per minute, with the advantage now of added calls to other Simyo, with 0.15 euros of call set-up.

To which leave in the wrong place This improvement is to the rate 0/6 cents, offering 50 Mb free in Exchange for 3.99 euros minimum consumption and the advantage of zero cents between Simyo calls, now also incorporates the rate of five cents and that could overshadow a rate with very low traffic of data including.

This improvement also could try to answer the recent attack by mobile Happy to rate Simyo star. The virtual Phone House recently launched happy, by 4.9 rate euros spent monthly minimum offers 300 Mb free and domestic calls to four cents per minute.