Simyo Responds: Calls to Two Cents Per Minute and 600 Mb 4.9 Euros Per Month

Much noise has made the latest rate of Amena announced, with calls for a penny the minute as well as a 1 Gb and 1000 SMS for nine euros per month, but after waiting for the reaction of Pepephone, who did it in his own way, is Simyo the first moving tab.

The virtual cover Orange led months already without giving us news regarding rates is concerned, since mid-July increase the bonus of the GigaPlan data, but the novelty that we know today comes to enter the war with an attractive bonus data.

New Simyo rate surprises by not be cheaper to call than the Amena, offering calls by two cents per minute more 0.15 euros of call set-up but where really excels is in its bonus data.

Simyo stands out from the usual giga that offer rates of Amena, Másmovil, Pepephone or Telstra and it offers less megabytes, 600, but in Exchange for a monthly fee of 4.9 euros, gaining three cents to the mega extra consumed.

Therefore we are not facing tariff with lower price per minute, exceeds it of Amena, Másmovil zero or the rat, and the very large pepephone elephant, but if that saves a minimum of two euros on other data bonds, Pepephone offers 651 Mb per 6.9 euros.

The new rate will be available tomorrow for new customers or those who already have any other Simyo rate. Now When an OMV move tab others not usually take too much to respond, by which open bets Pepephone, Tuenti, Happy mobile, Másmovil?