Simyo Withdraws Its 1 Gb of Data Rate

Few news have Simyo since it launched its two rate and its acquisition by Orange. But when we could expect a response to the challenge of Happy mobile, which launched a similar to the five but by lower price rate, the virtual has not surprised with the withdrawal of one of its fares.

That disappears is the rate of 1 Gb of data, oriented for use in USB modems or tablets but that also allowed the use of voice service. By 12.95 euros per month It offered a 1 Gb at maximum speed, with reduction in 64 kbps, and domestic calls to eight cents per minute and zero cents per minute the first ten minutes of each call to other Simyo, and 0.15 euros of call set-up.

It was therefore a rate that stood at this point something out of the market If compared with other operators, which currently offer 1 Gb for nine euros or less and domestic calls at lower prices, even for zero cents per minute to all national destinations.

Even so for the most demanding Simyo keeps your GigaPlan, for 19.99 euros per month offers 2 Gb and 150-minute national calls, and 5 Gb for 24.99 euros a month. For those who need a less demanding connection to your smartphone the virtual offers that our users were considered the best rate to speak and surf, that of the five, which offers 555 Mb in Exchange for a minimum monthly consumption of 6.99 euros.