Smart Running Trainer: Jogging Apps for iOS and Android in the Test

At the latest in may, nothing reminds us more of cosy winter evenings except the unwanted pounds that need to tumble before the bathing season. Jogging can help, help run apps. The our site testers have made themselves on the socks and tested in practice, with which apps running brings more fun and less pounds.

Is lacking the precision

All apps could easily document the jogging activities in the test if not always with the necessary precision. The test track was always the same length, but especially the Android apps were there obviously beg to differ. While running a route with the same Android phone, the Android candidates measure five different lengths! All apps use the same GPS data, but they very different precisely evaluate this information. So the test distance of 3.95 kilometers in the series by adidas was proud 4.2 km, Runtastic, however, showed only 3.74 km mileage. After ten days of training in running, it makes a difference of less than five kilometres too much! Here, corrections – or need for information there is on the part of the manufacturer. In the test, the Nike app on iOS and Android measure most accurately.

Running apps in the test

personal training

Our site but more than accurate measuring and recording is from a good running app. She must assist the runners also with various training options. In addition to a predetermined distance or time she should help especially for interval training that can not only the Nike app. A pace training, in which the runner sets time and distance, missing Endomondo and series.

Smartphone Test: The best Models
Tablet Test: best Models

Motivation helps

Who gets no motivation, is sitting on the sofa. Help the Jogger comes into the slippers, the apps with memories, verbal support, display the calories burned or by connection to Facebook & co. to share the success. Runtastic is the top motivator, request friends know even the current position of the rotor. It works only via in-app purchase a subscription for Runkeeper. That you need but also the Endomondo or Runtastic if your schedule or to compare directly with your friends would.


Runkeeper in the box of the iOS candidates first to the finish goes with easy operation and good motivation functions. Endomondo makes you on Android phones thanks to ease of use and good documentation options properly legs.