Solna introduces Requirements for Bicycle Parking

Bike culture: Solna for a new parking standards which means it adds requirements for bicycle parking at the new construction.

Solna outside Stockholm are working actively to improve the infrastructure and safety for cyclists. Solna has as in other cities in Sweden noted an increase in cycling in recent years.As part of this trend with increase in daily cycling and a reduction of the car turning, so a new parking standards also include specific requirements for bicycle parking.

Anders Ekengren, councilor and City Planning Committee Chairman commented:

– To meet current and future needs with increased cycling and reduced vehicle occupant City Planning Committee decided on 19 February a new parking standard also includes requirements for bicycle parking at new construction, “says Anders Ekegren.

Depending on the housing so the new directives vary from 1.5 to 4.5 bicycle parking bicycle sites per household. The parking standard also covers workplaces and at large are the norm 0.4 bicycle sites per employee. See bike protection equipment.

Solna flag also to the parking standard may be revised according to the prevailing requirements.

There is no special parking spaces for bikes where you live? Municipality can do more to accommodate the commuting cyclists? Feel free to comment below.