What is the Chance of Having Biriteline Twin Sons?

Having twins is the dream of many women of different ages, but for a bivitelina pregnancy to occur, that is, non-identical twins, it is necessary that several things happen.

What is the Chance of Having Biriteline Twin Sons

When the woman becomes pregnant, she expects it to be a baby, which will already give a lot of work, worry and of course, happiness, but when a multiple pregnancy occurs, joy is doubled.

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Who has more chances to have twin children bivitelinos

Mother’s age

After the age of 35, the chances of having twins increase. Since the probability of more than one mature ovum in the same menstrual cycle is increasing.

This happens because as the ovarian function decreases, the body produces a greater amount of FSH (Follicle Stimulating) hormone, which is a type of compensation, since the woman has fewer and fewer follicles over the years.

According to experts it is estimated that half of the pregnancies of twins are related to pregnancies in women over 35 years.

Use of contraceptive pill

When the woman interrupts the use of birth control pills.

The stimulus for egg formation in the first cycle may be excessive and increase the chances of a twin pregnancy, including experts telling their patients to try to conceive after two months of discontinuing the pills.

Polycystic ovary

Many women with polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a hormonal dysfunction that deregulates ovulation, perform hormonal treatments that can lead to pregnancy in twins.

African genetics

Genes carry a lot of influence on the generation of twins that is determined by descent.

Afro-descendant females are more likely to have twins, as the Eastern ones, have little chance of having a multiple pregnancy.

What are Myths about Twins Pregnancy?


Researchers say that women who drink milk or are tall are more likely to have a multiple pregnancy, however, obstetricians say these connections have not been proven.

Family history

Many people believe that the more twins they have in the family and the closer the kinship, the greater the chances of raising two babies at the same time. But that’s part of popular culture, and it may or may not be true.

So if you dream about having twins do your part and hope to have a multiple pregnancy, but if that is very important to you, look for a specialist and do an artificial insemination,

These treatments usually result in pregnancies not only of twins, but also of triplets and many more babies.

So the chances of having twin children are not many and univitelinos is even more difficult, but who knows, you can have your twins, because, anything is possible.