WIKO Highway Check: Dual-SIM Smartphone with Eight-Core CPU

Before unpacking stirs up the chic metal box high expectations. The WIKO Highway weight of 154 grams is visually a mixture of Sony’s Xperia Z and Apple’s iPhone 5: an on tapered aluminum frame makes the skeleton for the smooth, high-gloss front and back sides unfortunately a little attractive plastic edge in between, which also haptically disturbs something squeezes himself. On the back lurks a further design faux pas: the camera unnecessarily prominently protruding from the housing. After all, is the Smartphone but without to wobble on the table. Overall, the highway leaves a neat impression.

WIKO highway in detail

sharp display and high speed

The super sharp (443 dpi) five-inch large display with 1920 x 1080 pixels dissolves and is among Gorilla glass 2 colors are however slightly dull. A seemingly exotic octa-core processor provides power cortex A7 with eight cores, up to two gigahertz clock. The benchmark program AnTuTu the highway with 29.463 points held connection on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 (33.871 points). The new HTC one M8 burned even 36.047 points in the program. Current quad-core devices can be made so can’t the butter by an Achtkerner of the bread. Nevertheless, the highway Gets the score of 1.25 (very good) for the pace of work.

Storage and equipment

1,937 megabytes labour and 16 gigabytes of data storage, of which less than ten gigabytes available are installed. Shortcoming: there is not a memory card slot. Inside, two micro-SIM cards place find. Also in: HSPA + (missing LTE), Bluetooth 4.0, wireless-n, a micro-USB 2.0 connector and Android 4.2.2 (jelly bean).

Plentiful megapixels

WIKO bought the highway two cameras: resolves the front-facing camera for video calling with rich eight megapixels, while the rear engine shoots photos with 16 megapixels. Capture video in full HD format. On board is a ball feature that makes 360-degree pictures similar to Google’s photosphere. However, the shaky function in the highway requires even more patience than its Google counterpart.

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Assessment: WIKO Highway

The first impression is good, there are weaknesses in the otherwise elegant design in detail. The equipment list is impressive. The data should be but not blind: the eight core processor is fast, but not fast as a modern quad-core. Also the camera resolution is high and offers great especially Selfie fans.

Test conclusion: what you should know

Eight cores are faster than four, however, is WIKO Highway fast and technically good. Only LTE and space are lacking. (According to the test procedure until October 2014 the test Note 1.98 was) Best price on the Internet: 189,00 euro * per order this product at Amazon large sharp display sleek enclosure dual SIM very high pace of work high resolution front-facing camera counter battery set no memory card slot installed no LTE test grade of 2.48 editorial good users rating now evaluate