Meaning of Malware

May 30, 2021 foodezine 0

Viruses, worms, Trojans – malware is the umbrella term for hostile computer programs that usually cause damage unnoticed at first. For example, cybercriminals use malware […]


Meaning of SAP

May 23, 2021 foodezine 0

SAP is a large software manufacturer whose programs are used by many companies. Based on abbreviationfinder, the abbreviation SAP stands for “systems, applications and products […]


Meaning of Safari

May 16, 2021 foodezine 0

Whether for business or pleasure – when searching online you need fast connections and simple workflows. These can be reached with the appropriate web browser. […]


Meaning of Pixel

May 9, 2021 foodezine 0

Whether when buying smartphones, cameras or monitors – the information on the pixel display is always equated with the image quality. But what is a […]