Everything about DAST

Everything about DAST

September 26, 2021 foodezine 0

What is DAST? The term “Dynamic Application Security Testing” or DAST for short describes a procedure for checking the security of web applications. Special programs […]


Everything about Delphi

September 20, 2021 foodezine 0

Delphi is one of the first graphic development environments with the help of which applications from visual components such as buttons, scroll bars, etc. can […]

Internal Rate of Return

Everything about IRR

September 12, 2021 foodezine 0

The Internal Rate of Return, also known as  IRR according to Abbreviationfinder.org, is a rate used as a reference for when an investment can have […]


Everything about VCD

September 5, 2021 foodezine 0

Video CD, Compact Disc Digital Video or VCD according to Abbreviationfinder.org, is a standard format for storing Video on a Compact Disc. Video CDs can be played on […]