Meaning of Bet

January 15, 2021 foodezine 0

Betting is the action and effect of betting. According to DigoPaul, this verb of bet, which comes from the Latin apponere (“to place”), refers to […]


Meaning of Attorney

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According to DigoPaul, attorney is a person who has powers from another individual to proceed on his behalf. The agent, therefore, represents the other person […]


Meaning of Artisan

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Artisan is a concept related or related to crafts. Crafts, meanwhile, refers to the work done manually by a person, without the help of mechanical […]


Meaning of Anomie

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For psychology and sociology, anomie is a state that arises when social rules have been degraded or directly eliminated and are no longer respected by […]


Meaning of Anomaly

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The Greek word anōmalía came to Latin as an anomaly, and then to Castilian as an anomaly. The notion refers to a divergence, an incompatibility, […]