Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

According to Jibin123, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is located in the northeastern part of the state in Tulsa County. The city is situated on the Arkansas River and covers an area of about 59 square miles. Broken Arrow is a relatively flat region with elevations ranging from 600 to 900 feet above sea level. It has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters.

The main body of water in Broken Arrow is the Arkansas River, which runs through the city from west to east. There are also several other smaller streams and creeks throughout the area such as Battle Creek, Black Creek, and White Rock Creek. The city has several parks that provide recreational opportunities for its citizens including Ray Harral Nature Park, Centennial Park, and Liberty Park. Broken Arrow also has several lakes such as Lake Heyburn, Lake Sahoma, and Lake Keystone which offer fishing and other outdoor activities.

The terrain around Broken Arrow consists of rolling hills with some areas being more hilly than others. The soil type varies throughout the area but mainly consists of silt loam or clay loam soils which make it suitable for agriculture production such as corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, vegetables, fruits and nuts. In addition to agriculture production there are also many businesses located in Broken Arrow including manufacturing plants for aircraft parts as well as retail stores like Walmart and Home Depot.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

History of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma has a long and rich history dating back to the mid-1800s when the area was first settled by European Americans. The city is named after a Native American settlement that was located in what is now known as Tulsa County. The area was originally inhabited by the Creek and Cherokee tribes who used the area for hunting, gathering and trading. In 1832, a treaty was signed between the United States and the Creek Nation which opened up the area for settlement by European Americans.

In 1836, an early settler named David Crockett arrived in Broken Arrow and started a trading post which eventually grew into one of the largest towns in Indian Territory. During this time period, Broken Arrow was an important stop on the Butterfield Overland Mail route which connected St. Louis to San Francisco. As more settlers moved into Broken Arrow, it became an important trading center for local farmers who would bring their goods to trade at Crockett’s store.

In 1898, Broken Arrow officially became a city when it was incorporated as part of Indian Territory. The following year saw the establishment of its first newspaper, The Broken Arrow News. Over time, the city began to develop with businesses such as banks, hotels and theaters being built in its downtown area. By 1910, Broken Arrow had become one of Oklahoma’s most populated cities with over 3,000 residents living within its city limits.

As time went on, Broken Arrow continued to grow with new businesses being established and new housing developments being built around town. In 1965, it officially became part of Tulsa County when it merged with Tulsa City limits and today has become one of Oklahoma’s most populous cities with over 110 thousand residents living within its boundaries. Throughout its history, Broken Arrow has remained true to its roots while continuing to grow into a vibrant modern city that is full of life and opportunity for all who live there.

Economy of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

According to, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is a vibrant and growing city with a strong and diverse economy. Located just outside of Tulsa, Broken Arrow is home to over 110 thousand people and has become one of the most populous cities in Oklahoma. With its diverse population, businesses, and attractions, Broken Arrow has become an important economic hub for the state of Oklahoma.

The city’s economy is largely driven by the manufacturing industry. Businesses such as aerospace engineering, automotive parts production, metal fabrication, and food processing are all major employers in Broken Arrow. Additionally, many companies in the area are involved in research and development activities which have helped to drive innovation and growth in the local economy.

In addition to its manufacturing sector, Broken Arrow also boasts a strong service industry with businesses such as healthcare providers, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, financial institutions and educational institutions all providing employment opportunities for local residents. The city is also home to many large corporations such as American Airlines Group Inc., Walmart Stores Inc., Amazon Inc., Microsoft Corporation and Siemens AG which have established offices in Broken Arrow due to its favorable business climate.

The city’s tourism industry also plays an important role in its economy with attractions such as the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World offering visitors a unique shopping experience while bringing money into the local economy. Additionally, Broken Arrow hosts numerous festivals throughout the year including music festivals that bring people from all over to enjoy live entertainment while spending money at local businesses.

Overall, Broken Arrow has become an important economic hub for Oklahoma due to its diverse industries ranging from manufacturing to services as well as its attractive business climate that attract large companies from around the world. The city’s strong tourism sector helps bring money into the local economy while providing employment opportunities for residents who want to stay close to home while still being able to work for large corporations or start their own business ventures. With its wide range of industries and attractions that appeal both locals and visitors alike, it’s easy to see why Broken Arrow continues to be one of Oklahoma’s most successful cities economically speaking.

Politics in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is a vibrant and diverse city with a strong political landscape. Located in Tulsa County, Broken Arrow is the fourth largest city in Oklahoma, with a population of approximately 110,000 people. The city has recently experienced rapid population growth due to its attractive business climate and numerous employment opportunities. As such, the political scene in Broken Arrow is varied and active.

The local government of Broken Arrow is dominated by Republicans. The Mayor of Broken Arrow is Republican Craig Thurmond, who was elected to a four-year term in 2014. In addition to the mayor, Broken Arrow also has six City Council members who are elected at large for three-year terms. All seven members of the local government are Republicans.

At the state level, Broken Arrow is represented by two senators in the Oklahoma Senate: Republican Kim David and Republican Dan Newberry. Both have served in office since 2013 and are known for their support of conservative causes such as pro-life legislation and gun rights.

In addition to its representation at the state level, Broken Arrow also has two representatives in Congress: Republican Markwayne Mullin (2nd District) and Republican Tom Cole (4th District). Both are members of the GOP caucus in Congress and have been reelected several times since they first took office in 2012 and 2004 respectively. They are both staunch supporters of conservative principles such as limited government spending, lower taxes, free markets, gun rights and traditional family values.

Overall, politics in Broken Arrow reflect a strong conservative leaning with all seven local government officials being Republicans as well as its two congressional representatives being from the same party. This reflects both the values that many citizens hold dear as well as their alignment with those held by most people living within Tulsa County itself which leans heavily towards Republicans according to recent poll data collected from citizens living there.