Everything about 3G

April 16, 2022 foodezine 0

According to abbreviationfinder, 3G mobile telephony is a wireless communications service that allows you to be permanently connected to the Internet through your mobile phone, […]


Everything about KB

March 22, 2022 foodezine 0

According to abbreviationfinder, KB is the abbreviation for Kilobyte which is a computing unit of measurement equivalent to 1024 bytes of computer memory or the capacity […]

Everything about GSM

Everything about GSM

March 21, 2022 foodezine 0

Technical characteristics in GSM According to abbreviationfinder, MMS messages are a new extension of mobile messaging to include, initially, real images and sounds, later videos […]

Everything about OK

Everything about OK

March 13, 2022 foodezine 0

You can’t do without English abbreviations in German either. OK is not just such a popular abbreviation among young people. It stands for “okay”, that […]

Everything about County

Everything about County

February 13, 2022 foodezine 0

The term county, which derives from the Latin comitātus, has several uses. The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in its dictionary […]


Everything about FOMO

January 23, 2022 foodezine 0

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is (still) not a recognized mental illness, but merely describes a mental abnormality, the manifestations of which include smooth transitions […]


Everything about VGA

October 31, 2021 foodezine 0

According to Abbreviationfinder.org, VGA stands for Video graphics array. (V ideo g raphics a rray). Standard analog computer display, (subminiature D 15-pin VGA connector first marketed in 1988 by IBM); such […]

Everything about DAST

Everything about DAST

September 26, 2021 foodezine 0

What is DAST? The term “Dynamic Application Security Testing” or DAST for short describes a procedure for checking the security of web applications. Special programs […]

Internal Rate of Return

Everything about IRR

September 12, 2021 foodezine 0

The Internal Rate of Return, also known as  IRR according to Abbreviationfinder.org, is a rate used as a reference for when an investment can have […]


Everything about VCD

September 5, 2021 foodezine 0

Video CD, Compact Disc Digital Video or VCD according to Abbreviationfinder.org, is a standard format for storing Video on a Compact Disc. Video CDs can be played on […]


Everything about FDMA

August 29, 2021 foodezine 0

FDMA. Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA according to Abbreviationfinder.org) is a multiplexing technique used in multiple communication protocols, both digital and analog, mainly radio frequency, […]


Everything about GSM

August 22, 2021 foodezine 0

According to Abbreviationfinder.org, GSM stands for G lobal S ystem for M obile Communications (GSM), which is the digital mobile phone system most used and standard de facto for mobile phones in Europe. The […]


Everything about NAFTA

August 15, 2021 foodezine 0

NAFTA: North American Free Trade Area North American Free Trade Agreement, English North American Free Trade Area [n ɔ ː.theta ə mer ɪ kən fri […]

Everything about NATO

Everything about NATO

August 1, 2021 foodezine 0

The structure The Atlantic Pact of 1949 only provided for the establishment of a joint body, the North Atlantic Council (NAC). But the NAC would […]


Meaning of SAP

May 23, 2021 foodezine 0

SAP is a large software manufacturer whose programs are used by many companies. Based on abbreviationfinder, the abbreviation SAP stands for “systems, applications and products […]


Meaning of P2P

April 25, 2021 foodezine 0

According to abbreviationfinder, the abbreviation P2P stands for “Peer-to-Peer”. “Peer” means something like “equal” or “equal” in English. Consequently, P2P networks are computer networks with […]

Microsoft Outlook

Meaning of Microsoft Outlook

April 18, 2021 foodezine 0

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager (PIM). The software is optimized for sending and receiving e-mails, another central element, especially in the operational area, […]


Meaning of SSID

April 11, 2021 foodezine 0

Everyday life without the Internet – hardly imaginable. Whether in the professional or private sector, many activities take place online. Since mobile data via smartphone […]


Meaning of SSD

April 4, 2021 foodezine 0

When buying a desktop PC or laptop, the question usually arises: Does the device have an SSD? The electronic storage medium has revolutionized computer technology […]