Everything about First Quarter


In order to know the meaning of the term crescent quarter, it is necessary to proceed to discover the etymological origin of the two words that give it shape:

-Fourth comes from Latin, exactly from “quartus”, which can be translated as “the one that follows the third”.

-Growing, on the other hand, also derives from Latin. Exactly it emanates from “crescentis”, which means “that grows” and that is the result of the sum of two different parts: the verb “crescere”, which can be translated as “increase in size through natural development”, and the suffix “- nte”, which is used to indicate “agent”.

First quarter is the name of a phase of the lunation.

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First quarter concept

First quarter is the name of a lunar phase characterized by the increase in the surface of the Moon that can be seen from our planet. These different phases are produced by changes in the surface of the satellite visible from Earth.

As the Moon changes position relative to Earth and the Sun, the surface that can be seen also changes. The different lunar phases follow each other and give rise to a cycle called lunation. The surface of the Moon that we see grows until the full Moon eruption (when the entire face of the satellite facing our planet is visible). Thereafter, the area seen begins to gradually shrink until the cycle restarts.

Third moon phase

The first quarter is the third phase, coming after the new Moon (when less than 2% of the lunar surface is visible) and the visible new Moon or crescent Moon. When the Moon is in first quarter, between 35% and 65% of its surface can be seen in the afternoon and early evening.

People in Earth’s southern hemisphere can see the left half of the Moon during this phase, while those in the northern hemisphere see the right half.

When the Moon is in first quarter, from Earth you can see between 35% and 65% of its surface.

Meaning attributed to the first quarter

The moon has always been considered as an element that greatly influences people’s lives and since ancient times it is believed that it has its meaning. Thus, it is considered that when you are in this phase of the first quarter, it is the right time to face new challenges, whether on a personal or work level, for example.

Moreover, for some its meaning is that at that moment what happens is that new and important changes are coming.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that, throughout history, there have been many “rituals” and tasks that were carried out around the first quarter of the moon. Specifically, it was considered that this was the most appropriate time to proceed to cultivate the seeds because the influence of that star would ensure that the soils were in perfect condition to promote good harvests.

Title of a disc

The Argentine musician and singer Leo García, on the other hand, released an album in 2005 called “Cuarto crescent”.

This album has fourteen songs.