Kentucky – The Bluegrass State

Kentucky Flag Map

Kentucky is a medium-sized state in the eastern part of the United States. The state is well known for its farms, its horse breeding and its rich wildlife. Kentucky has many amazing landscapes, including the massive Mammoth Cave cave system.

Kentucky also has a very rich history, and is one of the oldest states in the United States. The state capital is Frankfort, while the largest city is Louisville. See cities in Kentucky by population.

Facts about Kentucky

  • Inhabitants: 4.4 million
  • Density: 42.5 per km²
  • Capital: Frankfurt
  • Largest city: Louisville
  • Area: 104,659 km²
  • Highest mountain: Black Mountain
  • Time Zone: UTC-5/6 (Summer Time UTC-4/5)

Neighboring states

  • Tennessee– in the South
  • Missouri– in the west
  • Illinois– i northwest
  • Virginia– in the West
  • Indiana– in the north
  • Ohio– in the Northeast
  • West Virginia– in the Northeast

Things to do in Kentucky

In Kentucky there is a great variety of activities. Regardless of whether you want outdoor life or the pulse of the big city, Kentucky has it!

Louisville is a very old city, founded at the end of the 18th century, and therefore has many historically interesting sights. There are, among other things, several historic quarters where the old buildings have been preserved. Old Louisville has the largest collection of Victorian houses in the entire country, and therefore plenty to see and do.

If you want to experience Louisville’s metropolitan pulse, you should head to The Highlands neighborhood, where the city’s nightlife and restaurants are in focus. There are also several nice museums in Louisville, including the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory which shows the history of baseball and the manufacture of baseball bats.

Mammoth Cave
The absolute coolest place in Kentucky is Mammoth Cave National Park. Located in central Kentucky, Mammoth Cave is the longest cave system in the entire world. The national park only includes part of the system, and is very cool to visit. There are several different guided tours in the caves where you get to experience many exciting stories and myths that surround the massive cave system.


Another town with a lot of history is Bardstown in central Kentucky. The city has a rich history, and also one of the largest museums dedicated to the American Civil War in the entire United States.

However, Bardstown is most famous for its production of bourbon, and the town hosts the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival. The city’s famous whiskey production is also celebrated in the city with the help of the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey, where you can learn more about the historical development of American whiskey.

Rent a car in Kentucky

Renting a car in Kentucky is a very pleasant experience and is a perfect option when it comes to transportation between different parts of the state. With a rental car, it is easy to get around Kentucky, and by driving through the beautiful landscapes, you also get to experience the beautiful nature.

It is recommended to book the rental car at home before departure to simplify the collection on arrival.

Kentucky Flag Map