Meaning of Advertisement

Tips for a good advertisement

An announcement is a succession of words or symbols that allows you to announce something: that is, make it known. Advertising, on the other hand, is that linked to advertising for a commercial purpose.

An advertisement, therefore, is a message that seeks to spread certain information in order to capture the attention of potential customers, users, buyers or viewers. Such advertising can be carried out in various supports and formats.

Advertisements are often the most important source of income for a media outlet. For advertisers, promoting a product or service through an advertisement means the possibility of approaching many people who could end up making a purchase or a contract. So advertisers are willing to pay to spread their ads in the media.

Take the case of a cell phone (mobile) manufacturer that has just released a new model. To publicize the novelty, it hires a company that creates three advertisements: one for a magazine, one for television, and the last for radio. In this way, the telephone manufacturer pays for the space in those three media (magazine, TV and radio) and its advertisement begins to be shown and broadcast. Weeks later, many people who found out about the launch of the new product through the commercial already bought the phone in question.

According to the medium where they are broadcast, the advertisements present very varied characteristics. While in a printed medium everything must be captured in an image (with or without text), on radio the message must be understood when heard. On TV and the Internet, on the other hand, the options multiply since text, images and video can be combined.

Tips for a good advertisement

When writing or planning the content of an advertisement, we must take into account various factors, some of which are not directly related to what we want to disclose. For example, the first point is the target audience, that is, the group of people to whom we want to target the message.

It is known that the same speech can be effective only in some areas, since the cultural characteristics of the recipient are key to its success; For this reason, before thinking about the content of the advertisement, we must clearly know to whom we will propose it and with what tools it has to understand it.

Having overcome this first point, it is time for the heading, which must be attractive, specific and concise, so that in a few words we can capture the attention of the public and make it clear that it is worth continuing to read or watch the content.

No one likes to be fooled, and in this day and age when we all access a lot of information online, almost everyone wants to know the details of their favorite products before buying, rather than vague descriptions that seem to hide their weaknesses.. That is why it is important to list the most important characteristics of the product, and make it clear what distinguishes it from the alternatives offered by the market.

Similarly, it is important that the advertisement is credible; History has proven on more than one occasion that the best-selling products are not always the most technically impressive, but rather the ones that present the greatest number of satisfactory benefits to their consumers.

We must not be afraid of originality: a good advertisement must be daring, different, peculiar and ingenious. The only limit should be respect, both for the target audience and for the rest of the people. The more we strive at this point, the more dissemination the message will have.

Tips for a good advertisement