Meaning of Bamboo


With etymological origin in the Portuguese language, the term bamboo refers to a plant that is native to India and that belongs to the family group of grasses. Its stems can reach a height of about twenty meters, being used for the production of different objects thanks to its resistance.

Bamboos have different types of leaves depending on the sector in which they originate. While the stem leaves are brownish, those that grow on the branches have a greenish hue. Its flowering, on the other hand, is unusual.

The main peculiarity of bamboo is that it grows very fast. This reproducibility means that it is considered an ecological material for manufacturing and construction since it is a resource that is renewed almost constantly.

Bamboo has multiple uses. One of the most common is the development of furniture: chairs, tables, beds, etc. You can also build houses of bamboo, with walls and roofs of this material. Hats, sandals and baskets are other products that are made with this plant.

On the other hand, when it is processed and its pulp is obtained, bamboo can be used for the production of cardboard, paper and textile fibers. This versatility led man to grow bamboo in artificial environments, such as greenhouses and laboratories.

In the same way, we cannot forget that bamboo is also used in the kitchen. Thus, for example, it is very common in Chinese cuisine to find dishes with the same as would be the case of mushrooms with bamboo.

It is considered to be a food that brings with it a remarkable series of advantages such as these:
-It favors the good condition of the bones and the skin. In the case of bones, it is a good option to include it in the diet because it makes a good contribution of silicon.
-It is established that it is a good ally for women who are in the menopausal phase.
-It provides high levels of fiber, hence it contributes to maintaining intestinal transit in perfect condition.
-It is also satiating, so it helps to keep hunger under control.
-It is low in calories, so it becomes an interesting food for people who want to lose weight.

Beyond what is made by humans, animals also make use of bamboo. This plant, for example, is the main component of the diet of pandas.

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