Meaning of Bet


Betting is the action and effect of betting. This verb of bet, which comes from the Latin apponere (“to place”), refers to risking money in the belief that something will have a certain result or be produced in a certain way. If the person making the bet is correct in his prediction, he wins the money; otherwise, you lose it.

For example: “I won the bet: I said that the team would beat their rival by more than two goals, which finally happened”, “Tomorrow I will stop by your house to collect the bet”, “I will pay for dinner with the money from the bet ”.

Take the case of two friends who are watching a tennis match on television. One of them said to win the player X, while the other argues that the winner is the player Y. The friends, therefore, decide to make a bet: whoever guesses the winner of the match, will take twenty pesos (that is, whoever does not guess must pay the other those twenty pesos).

It should be noted that the bet does not necessarily have to involve money. In the example above, friends can bet that the loser should go outside dressed in women’s clothing.

A bet can generate large losses, both to the person who makes it and to the company that receives it and promises payment in case of success. Regarding the first possibility, there are countless cases of people who have gambled their houses, their cars and other belongings of great economic value and who have lost everything in just one night in the casino; It goes without saying that an individual in his right mind cannot reach the point of risking all his material assets in a game of chance.

On the other hand, many bookmakers and casinos have declared millionaire losses throughout history, both due to technical failures of some of their machines and to absolutely implausible events, generally in the field of sport, which make those who win. they dared to make a seemingly absurd and bet future.

On the other hand, it is known as a bet on the money that a person risks in the framework of a game of chance or cards, such as roulette or poker.

A bet, in another context, can be the trust that is placed in a person or in an initiative, without being certain about their performance or development: “This player is a personal bet by the president, since the coach did not agree With his hiring ”, “ Opening the bakery was a bet that came out very well for me ”.

There are numerous cases of people who have achieved fame after someone placed their trust in them, despite not having the support or approval of their environment. In the field of music contests, for example, more than once stories have been seen of judges who sponsored some of the participants who did not reach the first place, or even did not even reach the last stage of the competition, for considering that they possessed a talent difficult to understand for the rest.

The bet, from this point of view, may or may not entail a loss of money, or a profit as a result of success, but it is not always carried out for economic interests; Although both cases can be satisfactory for those who receive the confidence and the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, a story in which that help is provided in an absolutely altruistic way is always more beautiful, as a gesture that seeks to do justice in the absence of luck. of the sponsored person.