Meaning of Scale


The etymology of scale brings us to the French barème, which in turn comes from the name of a mathematician: François Barrême (1638 – 1703), one of the pioneers in the development of Accounting.

That was a mathematician from the Court of Accounts who wrote several treatises on the aforementioned accounting and precisely one was entitled “Barême”.

It is known as a scale to a table or a table that allows to keep adjusted accounts. The scale is also the gradual record that serves for the evaluation of different data and a price list.

Scales are common in the field of legal medicine. Doctors are often required by the Judiciary to establish the scope of physical damage suffered by a person, which forces their insurance to pay a certain compensation.

In this framework, physicians have to determine the level of disability of the subject, especially with regard to their work activity and economic potential. In order to minimize the subjectivity of medical experts, a scale is usually used to quantify disability. In any case, given that the scale is also used according to the individual criteria of each doctor, subjectivity is never set aside. There are also numerous scales to which you can go.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that the scale also becomes a key element in the competitive processes in which the candidates sit for tests in order to become civil servants. Candidates who will have to pass the examinations established and who will add their marks to the scale of “merits”.

Each call or type of selection process of this class establishes a scale or another where points are assigned for certain characteristics. Specifically, points can be given to participants for the experience they have in that job, for the degree they have, for their level of English, for the courses they have taken…

Those who pass the exams will have to be very careful that they have been correctly assessed. And it is that if it is not like that they would have to complain to the administration because the square could be at stake.

In the same way, in this sense, it should be emphasized that, as a general rule, a published provisional scale appears. This will be the one that the opponents must analyze in depth to verify that they have been awarded the points correctly. Otherwise, they must carry out the claim within the stipulated period, otherwise they will no longer be able to do so.

Once the claims time has passed, the administration will publish the final scale, which is no longer subject to complaints of any kind.

The scales, on the other hand, can be used as a reference for setting commissions, rates, etc. For example: “The banking entities requested the government to update the commission scales as they intend to apply an increase”, “Next week the new compensation scale will come into effect”, “The authorities will analyze the scale of damages to compensate economically to agricultural producers ”.