Meaning of Tray


Even Portuguese you have to leave to find the etymological origin of the term tray. Specifically, it is considered to come from the word “tray”, which is the result of the sum of two elements: the noun “band”, which is equivalent to girdle “, and the diminutive” -eja “.

A tray is a flat or somewhat concave piece that is used to present, serve, or deposit things. It can be made of metal, wood, plastic or other materials.

For example: “Permission, I’m going to look for the tray with the snacks to bring to the table”, “I was walking with the tray full of drinks and I tripped”, “Please, leave your document on the tray and pick it up when you leave ”.

A tray can be understood to be a platform whose design allows for the transport and display of things, usually food and beverages. Typically, the surface of the tray is smooth, while the edges are raised on the perimeter to prevent objects from falling. It is possible to find rectangular, oval and other shaped trays.

The bartenders or waiters, therefore, usually perform their work with trays. In restaurants, bars and hotels, these people carry plates of food and glasses or glasses on trays.

Within the world of the Internet, the term at hand is also used. Specifically, we can say that we are talking about what is known as the inbox. This is the folder that everyone has in their email account and that comes to collect the emails they have received, both read and unread.

A tray can also be a movable piece that divides the inside of a trunk or similar object horizontally; a furniture drawer with the front wall lowered or absent; or a horizontal and flat piece that, in automobiles, is located between the rear seats and the rear glass.

In other countries, the term tray has different meanings. Thus, for example, in Cuba it is also used to refer to that container that exists in sugar factories and whose objective is to contain cachaça.

Also in our day to day we use expressions that make use of the word in question. A good example of this are the following verbal phrases:
• Pass the tray. It is used to refer to the fact that donations are being collected for a charitable cause. However, it can also be used to make it clear that a person is asking for help from another that they previously supported or did a favor.
• Put on a silver platter. This is a colloquial expression that is used to indicate that someone is facilitating another individual to achieve something specific.

In basketball or basketball, a layup is a running shot taken with one hand. Typically, the player walks two steps before taking a jump and depositing the ball as close to the ring.