Naama Bay, Egypt

Naama Bay, Egypt

According to wholevehicles, for those who prefer time-tested resorts, Naama Bay is a sure option to avoid surprises during your holiday in Egypt. The oldest, and therefore the most comfortable part of Sharm el-Sheikhwith countless hotels of all star ratings, retail shops, cafes with fragrant hookahs, noisy bars and clubs, it will easily win the heart of any tourist. And, of course, not a single guest of the resort will pass by the local sandy beaches – they bathe here from pontoons or enter the water directly from the shore – the bottom at the water’s edge is cleared of corals. The main pride of Naama Bay is the walking avenue of the same name. Getting to it is easy: if you walk along the waterfront from the Marriott hotel and turn right behind the Movenpick hotel, you will see a busy street sparkling with neon and lanterns. You’re at the place.


From any hotel to the center of Naama Bay, you can rush by free hotel bus. If it was not possible to catch him, the taxi will not ruin either. The only thing is that a taxi back to the hotel will rise in price sharply, you can bargain, the main thing is patience.

You can use local public transport – blue minibuses constantly run along the highway. The cost is 3-7 EGP per person. The prices on the page are for November 2021.


If you need to combine a meal with an overview of the beautiful seascapes, the Panorama cafe is what you need. Tasty, there is live music and on weekends there is an oriental performance.

You can eat inexpensively near Gazala, looking into the eastern cafe “Tam-Tam”, or in the opposite direction – in the cafe “Makani”, in the center of Naama Bay, the restaurant “Dannanier” is famous for its delicious cuisine.

In the Delta Sharm area, 200 meters from the main entrance on the right side, there is a pleasant Pizza Sharm restaurant serving awesome pizza.

The beaches of Naama Bay

In Naama Bay, the beaches are “conditionally sandy”: swimming without special shoes is not possible everywhere, but only in specially cleared areas (usually they are fenced with buoys). There are practically no corals here, they were cut down a few years ago.

As for marine entertainment, the resort pleases with endless sandy beaches, a huge number of water attractions and the only one that boasts a permit for motorized water joys. In the very center of the bay, be prepared for the always crowded public beach, and it’s better to go on a date with living coral reefs to the beaches of the Hilton Fayrouz, Novotel, Marriott, Sofitel hotels, but they are paid for guests.

2 things to do in Naama Bay

  1. Fly on a towed parachute over the sea. 10-15 minutes of flight will cost about 130 USD.
  2. Purchase a scarab as a souvenir at the Eastern Bazaar. Or at least get an original papyrus that has a shelf life of 500 years! The cost of a good papyrus is from 200 EGP.

Entertainment and attractions

The life of the main artery of the resort does not stop day or night: trade is brisk in numerous shops, shops and boutiques, chefs of restaurants are working around the clock on stoves, the lights of clubs flicker all night long.

In addition to shops where you should adhere to the only rule – to bargain to the last drop of blood, there are several places on Naama Bay that will be a pleasure to visit. A trip to the oriental bazaar, which is located behind the Le Pasha nightclub (former Bus Stop), will be remembered as especially acute. By the way, currency exchange offices here offer the most favorable rate, but they work only from Sunday to Thursday.

Naama is the oldest and, therefore, well-maintained part of Sharm el-Sheikh with endless lines of hotels that will easily win the heart of any guest.

Many come here specifically in the evenings to go to discos and clubs, for example, Le Pasha (ex-Bus Stop), which is located next to the Naama Bay shopping complex. Every evening here, according to eyewitnesses, the most beautiful girls in the resort dance. The loudest and most famous place in Naama Bay is the Hard Rock Cafe. Only here you can taste a real American burger if you are tired of oriental spicy food. The Black House disco, which is located in the Tropicana Rosetta Hotel, also thunders with great parties all over the coast.

Naama Bay, Egypt