North Dakota – Peace Garden State

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In the north of the United States, right on the border with Canada, is the state of North Dakota. With its long landscapes and famous nature, North Dakota is a feast for the eyes and a perfect destination for the outdoor enthusiast.

The state is one of the largest in the United States, but in terms of population it is one of the smallest. The state was part of the United States at the end of the 19th century, and is therefore a relatively young state, but still carries a rich history. North Dakota’s capital is Bismark, while Fargo is the largest city. See cities in North Dakota by population.


Bismarck is a vibrant city located in the heart of the Midwest. It is the state capital and has a population of around 73,000 people. Despite its relatively small size, Bismarck packs a lot into its city limits. The downtown area is bustling with businesses, restaurants, and entertainment spots that provide plenty of activities for residents and visitors alike. In addition to the downtown area, Bismarck also has several parks and recreational areas that offer hiking trails, fishing spots, playgrounds, and more. The Missouri River runs through the middle of town providing a scenic backdrop to the city’s skyline. Other attractions include Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park which features a recreation of General Custer’s 1875 fort as well as numerous historical sites. The North Dakota State Capitol building is also located in Bismarck and houses both the legislative chambers as well as other government offices. The city also hosts several annual events such as Prairie Days which celebrate North Dakota’s prairie culture with music, food, art displays and more! All in all Bismarck offers something for everyone with its combination of modern amenities and historical charm making it an ideal place to live or visit!

Facts about North Dakota

  • Population: 739,482
  • Density: 3.83 per km²
  • Capital: Bismark
  • Largest city: Fargo
  • Area: 183,272 km²
  • Highest mountain: White Butte
  • Time zone: UTC-6/-7 (summer time UTC-5/-6)

Neighboring states

  • South Dakota– in the south
  • Montana– in the west
  • Minnesota– in the east

Things to do in North Dakota

In North Dakota there is a wonderful mix of history, big city and incomparable nature.

Bismark is North Dakota’s second largest city after Fargo, but has the role of the state capital. In recent years, the city has grown at record speed, and today there is much to see and do in the city. Bismark has, among other things, a widespread cultural life, with several theater companies and art galleries. Bismark also has a large number of beautiful green areas and parks.

A short distance outside the city center is also the city’s main tourist attraction, Fort Abraham Lincoln. The fortress is partially reconstructed and was of great importance in the Battle of The Little Big Horn in the 19th century. The fortress is located in a large park, and there are several hiking trails and also other reconstructed historical buildings can be visited in the park. There is also a museum and several exhibitions for those who want to learn more about the historical significance of the area.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park
The most visited national park in North Dakota is undoubtedly Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota. The park consists of very wild and tough nature, and the name pays tribute to the American president Theodore Roosevelt, who in his youth hunted bison in the area. It was in the wild nature that Roosevelt is said to have found inspiration for his policy, and the landscape therefore has an important meaning for the United States as a country.

In the park there are both car routes and hiking trails which are very pleasant ways to discover the national park. The area is widely known for its rich wildlife, and in the park there are bison, wild horses and prairie dogs. There are also several historical places to visit in the park, including Roosevelt’s cabin.

One of the largest and most visited museums in North Dakota is Bonanzaville, which is located a little outside of Fargo. Bonanzaville is a large open-air museum complex, with about fifty historic buildings on nearly 50,000 square meters. The buildings show the development and history of the colonization of the western United States, and each building in the museum village has a unique theme that brings to life life during the pioneer era and up to the present day. The museum is a perfect excursion destination for the whole family, and there are also some plays in the village.

Attractions in North Dakota

Because of its large size and many expansive landscapes, the best means of transportation in North Dakota is a rental car. With a rental car, you can travel around the state on your own terms, and it will also be easier and more convenient to get to the different parts of the state. There are several nice scenic routes specially designed to provide as awesome a driving experience as possible.

It is recommended to rent the car online in advance to simplify the pick-up. A good idea is also to opt for GPS, to make the trip even smoother.

North Dakota Flag Map