Salen, Sweden

Salen, Sweden

Salen is the largest ski center in Sweden, ideal for families with children (more than 80% of family tourists are recruited here during the season). The resort is located at the southernmost tip of the Swedish mountains and offers varied and high-quality skiing in five areas: Lindvallen, Hogfjallet, Tandadalen, Hundfjallet and Klappen. The trails are mostly wide and gentle, the steepest elevation difference is 353 m. For Sweden climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

Children in Selen are welcome guests. Huge sections of the slopes are given over to playgrounds, the slopes run through a fabulous snow castle, and at the top, on the Gustavbakken hill, the world’s largest snowman is on duty all winter.

Sälen was originally a small village, which has transformed over time from a quiet paradise for fans of fishing and mountain biking into an excellent place for winter sports. To the credit of the organizers, it should be noted that, despite the increased flow of tourists, the resort has not lost its charm. Conventionally, two seasons can be distinguished: summer and winter. In winter, skiing is recommended from November 15 to mid-April. In summer, in addition to fishing, here you can canoe, ride horses, play golf, and just swim in the numerous lakes. The pristine, wild nature of Salen is best conquered on foot. The routes, designed for different levels of fitness, range from two-kilometer trails to ninety-kilometer trails.

All outdoor equipment, from ski equipment to canoes, can be rented from one of the local shops.

History and culture

The first settlers appeared here in the 8th century. They were engaged in fishing, hunting and cattle breeding, spending most of their time, due to the climatic features of the region, in small wooden mountain huts, from the name of which the word “Selen” comes from. Civilization came here quite late, in the 20s of the 20th century. The impetus for development was given by the construction of the railway, which allowed a few tourists to enjoy the local natural beauties. The first track was built in 1922. The lifts were opened much later. Since then, the resort of Selen continues to develop its infrastructure, “acquiring” more and more opportunities for active pastime, focusing, however, on family vacations.

How to get to Salena

The resort is located near the border with Norway. To Stockholm – 400 km, to Oslo – 250 km.

The most convenient way to get there is by plane to Stockholm, then by bus or train to the town of Mora. From there, there is a bus to Salena.

By train

The minimum cost of a trip on the Intercity train in the second class is 355 SEK, the minimum cost of a trip in the first class is 455 SEK. Without transfers, additional buses and trains, Mora can be reached three times a day, in the morning, at lunchtime and not late in the evening. Travel time is about 3 hours 40 minutes. The exact schedule, cost can be found on the website You can also book your ticket there.

By bus

Buses from Stockholm to Mora are infrequent. Regular buses depart from the central bus station (Stockholm Cityterm) usually once, sometimes twice a day. Travel time is almost four and a half hours. The minimum fare is 250 SEK. Transport departs at different times, depending on the day of the week. A big rarity is the morning route. The exact timetable, cost can be found on the website

After arriving in the city of Mora, you will need to take a bus to Salena. Since there is little connection between the schedules of local transport and trains or buses from Stockholm, you will need to spend a certain amount of time planning your route. Convenient from all points of view, the flight departs once a day, in the morning. Travel time is 1 hour 40 minutes. The rest of the buses, of which there are quite a lot of departures during the day, require more travel time, numerous transfers, etc., increasing the travel time up to more than five hours. One way fare – 120-150 SEK. The exact timetable, cost can be found on the website

Salena ski areas

The large modern area of ​​Lindvalen has three ski areas with their own ski schools, equipment rentals, restaurants and shops. There is also a park with jumps and slats for children and beginner skiers.

From Mount Hogfjelet, there are beautiful views of the village of the same name lying at the foot with a couple of shops, restaurants and the Hogfjallshotell hotel. This secluded and quiet resort appeals to the right kind of tourists who prefer privacy.

Tandadalen is distinguished by a more cheerful evening life (and we don’t even need to talk about the night life) and steep slopes, for example, on the Watten slope. It was there that the snowboarding World Cup competitions were held more than once.

Hundfjelet boasts pistes of all difficulty levels and directions. The nearby fairy forest, where 400 trolls carved out of wood live, acts as a local attraction. For children in Hundfjelet, a winding 1.5-kilometer track laid through the forest and a special children’s “dream park” were prepared.

Klappen has about 30 pistes with a total length of 34 km. The resort itself is small, but for snowboarders they managed to build a fan park, a half-pipe, and a quarter-pipe.

Cuisine and restaurants

The restaurants and cafés of Sälen offer a variety of Swedish cuisine, mostly high in calories. For those who are not afraid to get better, local pancakes with various fillings are especially recommended, a favorite delicacy of the inhabitants of the northern country. The traditional creamy sauce will successfully complement a dish well known to Russians. Those who prefer to eat on their own will easily find the freshest products in the grocery stores, such as the famous Swedish pastries and fish delicacies.

Entertainment and attractions

For those who come to Sälen in the summer, the Experium water park, opened in December 2009, will be of interest. In addition to various water attractions, spa treatments, sauna and surfing opportunities, inside you can find a 3D cinema, restaurants and a bowling alley.

If fishing is seen as just another summer activity, then there is no better way to enjoy nature. Moreover, everything here is organized in such a way that both real professionals and amateurs can enjoy the process. Trout, including rainbow, grayling, whitefish, bream and other species are the main trophies of local reservoirs.

Salen, Sweden