South Carolina – The Palmetto State

South Carolina Flag Map

On the American east coast is the state of South Carolina, which is one of the oldest states in the United States. South Carolina played a very large role in the American Revolution, and therefore has many interesting historical sights. South Carolina is nicknamed The Palmetto State because of the tree species of the same name found on the state’s flag.

South Carolina has a very varied landscape, with everything from mountains to lakes and sandy beaches. The climate is both hot and humid, and it is a popular retreat for summer tourists. The largest city and also the capital of South Carolina is Columbia. See cities in South Carolina by population.

Facts about South Carolina

  • Inhabitants: 4.8 million
  • Density: 60 per km²
  • Capital: Columbia
  • Largest city: Columbia
  • Area: 82,931 km²
  • Highest mountain: Sassafrass Mountain
  • Time Zone: UTC-5 (Summer UTC-4)

Neighboring states

  • Georgia– in the South
  • North Carolina– in the north

Things to do in South Carolina

In South Carolina, there is an incredible amount to see and experience for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for historical sights or cool activities, South Carolina has it all

For those interested in high-quality museums, a visit to the city of Greenville and its Heritage Green area is a must. In Heritage Green, the city has gathered five large museums. The Greenville County Museum of Art is often called the best art museum in the entire state, and many famous American artists are represented here. Heritage Green also houses the Upcounty History Museum, and the Roper Mountain Science Center, which has a planetarium.

If you fancy an adventure for the whole family, a visit to WonderWorks in Myrtle Beach is a must. WonderWorks is located in an upside-down house, and offers many exciting experiences for the whole family. There are over a hundred activities and exhibitions in the house, including a “Space Zone” and simulators where you can create your own roller coaster.

Culinarily, South Carolina has a lot to offer, and the state is known for its burgers and barbeques. There are many farm markets open in the state, where you can really experience the food culture and the fine, local produce. Some of the best farm markets in South Carolina are Hub City Farmers Market in Spartanburg, Farmers Market in Anderson and Charleston Farmers Market.

Rent a car in South Carolina

It is a pleasant experience to rent a car in South Carolina. With a rental car, it is easy to get to different parts of the state, and it also enables trips to places that would otherwise be inaccessible. It is possible to rent a car in all major cities in South Carolina, and even at the state’s largest airports in Charleston and Greenville, it is excellent to rent a car.

There are some toll roads in South Carolina, and these can be paid either in cash with even money or with an electronic pass. The electronic passports are often already installed in the rental car companies’ cars. Check with your rental car company what applies to them.

In South Carolina, there are several enjoyable road trips that showcase the best of the state. Among other things, the Savannah River National Scenic Byway in western South Carolina showcases stunning and historic scenery with small, quaint villages. Along the coast runs the Edisto Isla?nd National Scenic Byway, where you can stop at various historic sites and beautiful Botany Bay, among other things. An absolutely fantastic journey through time and South Carolina is obtained on the National Heritage Corridor, which passes through no less than 17 regions of the state.

Cities to visit

Columbia is both South Carolina’s capital and largest city, and is located in the central parts of the state. Columbia is perhaps most famous for its namesake university, but there is also plenty to see and do for visitors. For example, in Columbia there are several large and fine museums. The South Carolina State Museum has a great mix of different exhibits and activities, and The Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum has artifacts from colonial times to the present day. There are many beautiful green spaces in Columbia. The largest park is Finlay Park, which incredibly nice areas.

If you fancy shopping, a trip to the city of Florence is a must. There are a very large number of shops and several large shopping centers here. Florence is a modern city with a lot of history, and there is an incredible amount of culture in the city. Many plays and musicals are staged here annually and a large number of famous restaurants can be found in the city. Read more on the South Carolina tourism page here.

Charleston is one of America’s most famous historic cities, and there is much to see and discover here. Here there are cobblestones, small old houses and fantastic history in every corner. For example, you can see how life was in the late 1880s in the Calhoun Mansion, and is open for guided tours. There are also other guided tours through Charleston that take you on a real journey back in time.

National parks and beaches

South Carolina has a lot to offer the outdoor enthusiast. Everything from mountains to beaches can be found in the state, and everything is within easy reach.

Parks in South Carolina
Devil’s Fork State Park is one of the most beautiful and popular natural areas in South Carolina. Here, in addition to many nice hiking trails, there is also the possibility of kayaking, and camping in the park is fine. If you want to fish, that’s also fine. With Lake Jocassee in the park, visitors are treated to incredibly beautiful views. Read more about the park on its official website here.

Lake Wateree State Park offers unparalleled views. The lake is man-made and is a reserve for many animal species. There is abundant fish life in the lake, and it is good to fish there. If you are up for a challenge, a trip to Table Rock State Park is a must. Here are some of the most stunning views and landscapes in the entire state, and a hike here offers both mountains and beautiful waterfalls.

Beaches in South Carolina
South Carolina’s coastal strip has several beautiful beaches. Among other things, Myrtle Beach is a fantastic holiday paradise with fine sandy beaches and a warm climate. Myrtle Beach has many hotels and fun shops and restaurants.

In the vicinity of Charleston there is also a fantastic beach called Folly Beach where you can also surf. Seabrook Island and Kiawah Island are famous vacation resorts that have a lot of sun and swimming but also other outdoor activities such as sailing and golf.

South Carolina Flag Map