Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Life sometimes turns in an amazing way, not only for people, but also for geographical objects. So a small fishing village on the island has transformed over time into an elite vacation spot. This island is called Sveti Stefan, and it is located about five hundred meters from the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. However, this is not just an island, but an island-hotel: a hundred old houses have been converted into luxury apartments.

I must say that this is not just a kind of housing with modern interiors and equipment, these are luxurious bedrooms, living rooms, terraces with designer interiors and furniture made from natural materials, these are bathrooms that are equipped with the most comfortable Jacuzzi bathtubs and “smart” plumbing, this is a great restaurant with an extensive menu and 24-hour room service, in other words, it’s a real luxury.┬áSee ANDYEDUCATION for education and training in Montenegro.

A special charm of rest on the island of St. Stephen is given by the fact that the exterior decoration of the houses is made in such a way that the reconstruction does not change their appearance in any way. Thanks to a careful attitude, this tiny village has retained its medieval flavor and character. No wonder this island was chosen for their vacation by members of the royal families of the Netherlands and Great Britain – is the combination of modern equipment with an authentic reconstruction and more than a favorable ecological situation – is this not worthy of kings? Actually, not only kings rest here. Numerous screen stars, show business, models have chosen this paradise of the Budva Riviera for their vacation.

How to get there

Sveti Stefan is located 9 km southeast of Budva, and it is equally convenient to get to it from both international airports in Montenegro: from Tivat and from Podgorica. The transfer can be ordered at the hotel, but due to the popularity of this unique resort, you need to book a place in advance, and the calculation for last-minute tours has no basis: tours to Sveti Stefan are extremely rare. For many decades, the island has been not only a fashionable resort, known throughout the world, but also one of the symbols of modern Montenegro.

Entertainment and beaches

In addition to comfortable accommodation, guests of the island are hospitably awaited by numerous cozy bars, they have an excellent swimming pool, the opportunity to play sports or take a boat trip on a rented yacht. Diving off the coast of the lake is interesting. Perhaps the flora and fauna here are inferior to the Red Sea, but, nevertheless, Sveti Stefan is a desirable place for many divers.

The beaches here are small-pebbled, with sand, due to the special mineral composition of local pebbles, they have a pink tint, which is especially noticeable in the rays of the sunset and dawn sun. This creates a peaceful romantic mood and remains in memory for a long time, causing a desire to return here at least once. Due to its many merits, the island has received the prestigious “Golden Apple” award, presented by the international tourism organization to the best resorts in the world.

Excursions and sights of Sveti Stefan

An extensive excursion program is available for guests of the island of Sveti Stefan. Due to the geographical position of the island, excursions from it are possible to almost anywhere in Montenegro, as well as to nearby countries: Albania, Croatia, Italy, you should only carefully consider the peculiarities of the visa regime of a particular country.

In the immediate vicinity of Sveti Stefan is the most interesting Durmitor mountain range. Its numerous peaks over 2000 meters high amaze with their beauty and grandeur. The slopes of the mountains are covered with forests, in which many trees are more than a century and a half old. Numerous mountain lakes are clean and transparent, as they are filled with spring water. The canyons make an indelible impression, and the canyon, in which the Tara River flows, is the largest natural complex in Europe, protected by UNESCO. By the way, this mountain range is no less attractive in winter than in summer: in winter, its snow-covered slopes turn into one of the most famous ski resorts.

Along a beautiful promenade from the island of St. Stephen, you can get to the village of Milocer, which is known for its vast park, which at one time was the property of the royal family. Numerous relic and rare plants in this park amaze with their beauty and variety of forms, species and shades of green. The Queen’s Beach is also interesting here, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. In the immediate vicinity of the island there is the medieval Praskavica monastery and a church carved into the rock. This attraction attracts many tourists coming to Montenegro from all over the world.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro