Tennessee – The Volunteer State

Tennessee Flag Map

Tennessee is a medium-sized state in the central United States. The state is known for its involvement in the American Civil War, but also for its rich agricultural culture. Tennessee is also the place where American country music had its cradle.

Tennessee’s largest city is Memphis, and its capital is Nashville. See cities in Tennessee by population.

Facts about Tennessee

  • Inhabitants: 6.5 million
  • Density: 60 per km²
  • Capital: Nashville
  • Largest city: Memphis
  • Area: 109,247 km²
  • Highest mountain: Clingmans Dome
  • Time Zone: UTC-5/6 (Summer Time UTC-4/5)

Neighboring states

  • Alabama– in the South
  • Mississippi– in the Southwest
  • Arkansas– in the west
  • Missouri– in the west
  • Georgia– in the southeast
  • North Carolina– in the east
  • Virginia– in the Northeast
  • Kentucky– in the north

Things to do in Tennessee

In Tennessee, there is a lot to see and discover, regardless of whether you are interested in beautiful landscapes, great music or exciting history.

Among other things, you can visit countless museums connected to the American Civil War, and also several battlefields and historic buildings. Cannonball House in Blountville and Confederate Camp at Seawell in Lebanon are two exciting excursions steeped in history that are highly recommended. At the Confederate Camp at Seawell, for example, you can see actors act out scenarios from the time. Read more on the official website here.

If you are interested in music and music history, a visit to Graceland in Mephis is an absolute must. It was on the large farm that Elvis Presley lived, and in the house today there is a very nice museum dedicated to the music icon. Around the farm there is also a small museum with Presley’s fine cars, and there are several interactive elements in the many exhibits.

Fun for the whole family can be found at Dollywood in the Smoky Mountains area. Dollywood is a large amusement park, founded by the singer Dolly Parton. At Dollywood, in addition to many fun and exciting rides, there is also a large water park and other pleasantries. There is also a lot of focus on country music and country culture at Dollywood, and it is a very wonderful experience for the whole family. For more information, read Dollywood’s official website.

Rent a car in Tennessee

The absolute best means of transportation in Tennessee is a rental car. It gives a completely different freedom and gives many more opportunities to discover the state and all its little corners. It is possible to rent a car in all major cities in Tennessee, and even at the major airports it is possible to rent and pick up a rental car. It is recommended to book the rental car in advance, and opting for a GPS can be a good idea as there are many smaller roads in the countryside.

Cities to visit

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, and is one of the cities in the United States with the richest musical life. In the city there is an area called Music Valley, where, among other things, The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (tickets can be booked here ) and the music boat General Jackson are located. Nashville also has many historic sites and museums connected to the Civil War that can be visited.

Even Tennessee’s largest city Memphis has a long tradition of music, and several festivals are organized annually in the city. In addition to a visit to Elvis Presley’s Graceland, which you can read more about above, Memphis is also home to Sun Studio, where it is often said that rock’n’roll music was born. You can book tickets for guided tours at Sun Studio here.

National parks

Tennessee has a very beautiful landscape, and a couple of absolutely incomparable national parks. The most famous and well-visited national park is the Great Smoky Mountains. Here there are mile-long hiking trails in fantastic environments. Mountains, valleys, and deep forests are all part of the vibrant national park. The Great Smoky Mountains are also home to a very rich wildlife, and many travel there just for the chance to see some of the 1,500 bears that live in the area.

Tennessee Flag Map