West Virginia – The Mountain State

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West Virginia is a relatively young state that was founded at the end of the 19th century, when it broke away from Virginia. The state is located in the eastern United States and has had great significance for the history of the United States. Among other things, several battles were fought in the state during the American Civil War, and there are therefore many interesting sights in the state. The state is located in a mountainous area, and has a lot of amazing nature to enjoy.

West Virginia’s capital is Charleston, and it is also the state’s largest city. See cities in West Virginia by population.

Charleston, West Virginia is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. The city is home to West Virginia University. It is located in the Appalachian Mountains and sits on the banks of the Kanawha River. Charleston is known for its unique architecture, beautiful parks, and lively downtown area. The city’s historic buildings are a reminder of its past while its modern amenities provide visitors and residents with plenty of entertainment options.

The downtown area has a variety of restaurants, bars, and shops to explore. There are also several museums and art galleries that attract visitors from all over the world. The Capitol Building is one of Charleston’s most iconic landmarks and is also home to many government offices. In addition to these attractions, there are numerous parks and recreational activities available in the city such as fishing, golfing, biking, camping and more.

Charleston has something for everyone whether it be outdoor activities or cultural experiences like festivals or live music events held throughout the year. Residents enjoy taking part in these events as well as exploring the many historical sites throughout Charleston such as Fort Hill National Historic Site or Clay Center for Arts & Sciences which offers interactive exhibits for all ages. Despite being a relatively small city compared to other cities across America, Charleston offers big-city amenities without all of the hustle and bustle associated with large metropolises.

Facts about West Virginia

  • Inhabitants: 1.8 million
  • Density: 29.8 per km²
  • Capital: Charleston
  • Largest city: Charleston
  • Area: 62,755 km²
  • Highest mountain: Spruce Knob
  • Time Zone: UTC-5 (Summer Time UTC-4)

Neighboring states

  • Virginia– in the South
  • Kentucky– in the West
  • Ohio– in the northwest
  • Pennsylvania– in the north
  • Maryland– in the Northeast

Things to do in West Virginia

Because of its rich history, there is much to discover in West Virginia and its cities. And with its incomparable nature, there is also something to do for those interested in the outdoors.

Charleston is West Virginia’s largest city and capital, and if you want to experience the state’s big city life, this is the place to go. In addition to good shopping and many nice restaurants, the city also has a lot of history to offer, and there are several interesting museums in Charleston.

Among other things, there is the Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences and the West Virginia State Museum, both of which are known for their fine exhibitions. There is also a historic area in Downtown Charleston, where a large number of old churches are clustered. Charleston is also known for its many green spaces, and adjacent to the city is the fantastic Kanawha State Forest with plenty to see and do for the whole family.

New River Gorge Bridge
For many years, the New River Gorge Bridge was the longest steel bridge in the world. Today, it has fallen to an honorable fourth place, but it remains one of West Virginia’s most popular attractions. Built entirely of steel, the bridge connects two mountains, towering a whopping 267 meters above the New River below.

There are vantage points at the bridge’s abutments to give a good view of the peerless structure, and the scenery surrounding the bridge is very beautiful.

Hawks Nest State Park
One of the most beautiful and popular views in West Virginia is from Hawks Nest State Park. The park has stunning scenery with rolling forests and the New River nestling through the lush landscape.

In Hawkes Nest State Park, there is a well-visited viewpoint that provides views of both the landscape and several historic sites. There is also a visitor center in the park where you can learn more about the park and the tunnel that was built there in the 1930s and which caused one of the worst tragedies in American history. Read more about Hawks Nest State Park on the official website.

Rent a car in West Virginia

Renting and driving a car in West Virginia is a very pleasant experience. With a rental car, it is both quick and easy to get around the state’s various interesting places and cities, and it is very cool to drive around the mountainous and forested landscapes by car. There are also several routes made to provide the most beautiful experience of West Virginia possible.

You can rent a car in most cities in West Virginia, and even at the state’s airports there are rental car company offices.

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