Wyoming – The Equality State

Wyoming Flag Map

On the surface, Wyoming in the northwestern United States is one of the country’s largest states, but in terms of the number of inhabitants it is one of the smallest. Wyoming is known as the state where cowboy culture was at its strongest, and there are many incredibly beautiful landscapes in the area. Some of America’s most talked about and loved national parks are located in Wyoming.

The capital of the state is Cheyenne, and it is also the largest city in Wyoming.

Cheyenne has a rich western heritage that can be seen in its historic downtown area, which features old-fashioned buildings, saloons, and stores. The city also offers plenty of outdoor activities. The city has a variety of parks and trails for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. There are also two ski resorts in the area for winter sports enthusiasts. Cheyenne also hosts some major annual events such as Frontier Days, which celebrates the city’s western heritage with rodeo events and other entertainment. The city is home to several museums including the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum and the Wyoming State Museum. Additionally, there are several art galleries that feature works by local artists as well as visiting artists from around the world. For those looking for nightlife entertainment, there are numerous restaurants, bars, clubs and live music venues to explore in downtown Cheyenne. Shopping opportunities abound with both unique boutiques and large retail stores located throughout the city. With its vibrant culture and diverse attractions, Cheyenne offers something for everyone!

Facts about Wyoming

  • Population: 584,153
  • Density: 2.26 per km²
  • Capital: Cheyenne
  • Largest city: Cheyenne
  • Area: 253,348 km²
  • Highest mountain: Gannett Peak
  • Time Zone: UTC-7 (Summer Time UTC-6)

Neighboring states

  • Colorado– in the south
  • Utah– in the southwest
  • Idaho– in the west
  • Montana– in the north
  • South Dakota– in the Northeast
  • Nebraska– in the Southeast

Things to do in Wyoming

Wyoming is perhaps best known for its unparalleled nature, with several large and stunning national parks within the state. But with several large cities, there is also shopping and other attractions to visit.

Yellowstone National Park
One of the most famous national parks in the entire United States is Yellowstone National Park, which is mostly located in Wyoming. It was the first national park to be established in the United States, and it has more geysers concentrated in the same area than anywhere else in the world.

In Yellowstone there are several beautiful mountain areas, an incomparable canyon and a very rich wildlife. For example, bears, wolves and even bison live wild in the park. Yellowstone is a great place to hike, bike and drive through.

Grand Teton National Park
Another truly unparalleled national park in Wyoming is Grand Teton National Park, located just south of Yellowstone. The national park consists of the Grand Teton mountain range and its fantastic surroundings. There are several crystal clear lakes in the park, and the views are quite unique to the state with the massive mountain range constantly looming over.

There are also some historic sites in Grand Teton National Park. Among other things, the old wooden Chapel of the Transfiguration can be visited, and even the Menor’s Ferry, which was used in the 19th century to cross one of the rivers, remains today.

Read more and book tickets for guided tours in Grand Teton National Park here

Cheyenne is both the largest city and the capital of Wyoming, and there is much to see and do in the city. There are, for example, several interesting historical sights such as the State Capitol and The Historic Plains Hotel.

Also several old locomotives can be seen in Cheyenne, and there is also a very nice and old botanical garden in the city. Cheyenne has several pleasant parks and green spaces, mixed with restaurants, shopping and city life. In Cheyenne, the old mixes with the new, and it is a very delightful experience to visit the city.

Rent a car in Wyoming

To best experience Wyoming’s magnificent nature, it is recommended to rent a car. With a rental car, it is easy to get to different parts of the state, and it also makes it easier to discover, for example, Yellowstone National Park. The roads in the state are well maintained and you are treated to many incredibly beautiful views by driving through Wyoming.

To be sure to get the smoothest pick-up of the rental car possible, it is recommended to rent the car online in advance. This ensures that the car is in place when it is to be picked up. It is also a good idea to choose to have GPS as an option in the car, as it makes driving easier.

Wyoming Flag Map