Selling a New Product on Amazon

Selling a New Product on Amazon

Step 1: Make yourself aware of the requirements

The first and particularly important step when launching a product on Amazon is to be perfectly prepared. If you just click “Add New Product” in Sellercentral, you’re probably going to waste a lot of money and effort.

It makes much more sense to become aware at the beginning of how you can carry out the product launch strategically. It is important to realize that in order to successfully launch your product on Amazon, you should accept short-term losses. The losses are your investment in good rankings, a successful product launch and ultimately many organic sales later.

Step 2: Create an irresistible offer

Are you ready to invest in a successful launch on Amazon? Do you have a good product that can be sold on the marketplace, at a competitive price and for which there is demand? Then you can start selling the new product on Amazon. The fact that it has to be a good (!) product cannot be emphasized often enough. No matter how perfectly your Amazon launch is planned and carried out, if your product does not satisfy customers, it will have little chance in the long term. See iamaccepted for Sell On Amazon.

Now let’s get to the basics and they first require a good listing. This means: Invest time in structured keyword research to find out how your target group searches for your product on Amazon. You can now optimize your product listing using these keywords. Title, bullet points, description, backend keywords – perfect listing optimization takes effort. Compliant and appealing Amazon product images should not be missing right from the start. With A+ content as an eye-catcher, you top it all off and are optimally positioned when it comes to listing.

Once your listing is ready, your product can be purchased on Amazon. Now the next challenge awaits: generating sales and, above all, reviews. If your product qualifies, the Amazon Vine program is a good choice for the latter.

Step 3: Advertise your product

The preparatory work has been done, now it’s time to get down to business. As mentioned above, in order to build good rankings, it is important that your product sells well. And it’s exactly these sales that you need to boost. You can use various options for this. At this point we would like to point out once again that this is an investment in future sales and rankings, as high discounts are usually an advantage at this point. We will now introduce you to the most important options in more detail:

Mail campaign:

Do you already have a large email distribution list from your shop or website? You can use this perfectly for a launch campaign for Amazon. Generate a certain number of discount coupons on the marketplace that encourage your target group to buy and send them to your mailing list.

Deal platforms:

You can also use so-called deal platforms for your launch campaign. The process is similar to the email campaign. However, instead of a separate email distribution list, the discounted product is displayed to registered users of the platform.

Amazon PPC:

Of course, you should also use the advertising options that Amazon offers you. With Amazon PPC you can reach your target group on Amazon even without good organic rankings and achieve further important sales.

External advertising:

You can also advertise your new product on other platforms. For example, it is possible to use Facebook or Instagram ads or collaboration with influencers.

The good thing is: When ranking products, Amazon’s algorithm weights current sales higher than “historical” ones. This means you can bring your product into the competition within a short period of time through a strategic launch campaign.

TIP: Use special URLs for your launch campaign that contain the keyword you want to boost rankings for. (For example: 2-Step Via Hidden Keyword by Helium10 ).

Step 4: Observe & further optimize

You should plan your launch campaign with discounted products for a few days or a few weeks – depending on the competition of your product. After this period, the work obviously continues. Keep an eye on your product’s rankings, continuously optimize your PPC campaigns, check keywords and receive further positive reviews.

Selling a New Product on Amazon