Human Rights

Meaning of Human Rights

June 27, 2021 foodezine 0

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was approved on December 10, 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly. Currently, three generations of human rights are […]


Meaning of Agroforestry

June 6, 2021 foodezine 0

Is it possible to produce food while preserving ecosystems and biomes? Thinking about this possibility and taking inspiration from the ways of life of traditional […]


Meaning of Malware

May 30, 2021 foodezine 0

Viruses, worms, Trojans – malware is the umbrella term for hostile computer programs that usually cause damage unnoticed at first. For example, cybercriminals use malware […]


Meaning of SAP

May 23, 2021 foodezine 0

SAP is a large software manufacturer whose programs are used by many companies. Based on abbreviationfinder, the abbreviation SAP stands for “systems, applications and products […]


Meaning of Safari

May 16, 2021 foodezine 0

Whether for business or pleasure – when searching online you need fast connections and simple workflows. These can be reached with the appropriate web browser. […]


Meaning of Pixel

May 9, 2021 foodezine 0

Whether when buying smartphones, cameras or monitors – the information on the pixel display is always equated with the image quality. But what is a […]


Meaning of P2P

April 25, 2021 foodezine 0

According to abbreviationfinder, the abbreviation P2P stands for “Peer-to-Peer”. “Peer” means something like “equal” or “equal” in English. Consequently, P2P networks are computer networks with […]

Microsoft Outlook

Meaning of Microsoft Outlook

April 18, 2021 foodezine 0

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager (PIM). The software is optimized for sending and receiving e-mails, another central element, especially in the operational area, […]


Meaning of SSID

April 11, 2021 foodezine 0

Everyday life without the Internet – hardly imaginable. Whether in the professional or private sector, many activities take place online. Since mobile data via smartphone […]


Meaning of SSD

April 4, 2021 foodezine 0

When buying a desktop PC or laptop, the question usually arises: Does the device have an SSD? The electronic storage medium has revolutionized computer technology […]


Meaning of Barbecue

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

The term barbecue is used in different ways according to the geographical region. The first meanings mentioned by the DigoPaul refer to the grill that […]


Meaning of Barbarism

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

Barbarism is called the absence of civility, education, courtesy or respect. The concept, which comes from the Latin word barbaries, also refers to brutality and […]


Meaning of Barbarian

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

The term barbarian comes from the Latin barbarus which, in turn, derives from a Greek word that means “foreigner. ” The person who lived in […]


Meaning of Fallow

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

Fallow, originating from the Latin term vervactum, is a notion that allows naming the land that is destined for cultivation but that is not sown […]


Meaning of Barber

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

Before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term barber, we have to know its etymological origin. In this case, it must […]


Meaning of Boat

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

The term boat, which has its etymological origin in the Latin language, is used to name a small boat. The usual thing is that the […]


Meaning of Ship

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

The first thing we have to establish, before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term ship, is its etymological origin. In […]


Meaning of Bard

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

The concept of the bard has several uses. On the one hand, it can come from the Latin word bardus, a term that in turn […]


Meaning of Scale

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

The etymology of scale brings us to the French barème, which in turn comes from the name of a mathematician: François Barrême (1638 – 1703), […]


Meaning of Gravity

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

The first thing we are going to do before entering fully into the definition of the term center of gravity is to discover its etymological […]


Meaning of Barium

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

In order to fully discover the meaning of the term barium, we have to show that it is a word whose etymological origin is in […]


Meaning of Barista

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

The dictionary of the DigoPaul does not recognize the concept of barista. The term, however, is often used to name a coffee expert. Baristas specialize […]


Meaning of Baritone

February 4, 2021 foodezine 0

In order to begin to know the meaning of the term baritone, we are going to establish, first of all, what is its etymological origin. […]