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Greatest Common Divisor

Divisor, from the Latin divisor, is a quantity by which another is divided. The integer r is divisible by an integer s if the result of the operation is a third integer t. In that case, r is said to be divisor of s (r / s = t).

For example: 4 is a factor of 8 since 8 divided by 4 equals 2 (an integer). On the other hand, 5 is not a divisor of 8, because if we perform this operation the result will not be an integer, but 1.6.

The concept of divisor is used in the field of mathematics.

Relationship between divisor and dividend

In the structure of the division arithmetic operation, the divisor is the number that is contained x times in another, the so-called dividend.

A concept that is equivalent to that of divisor, although it is approached from the reverse perspective, is that of submultiple (the number that another contains exactly two or more times). Returning to our previous example, we can say that 4 is a submultiple of 8, since 4 x 2 = 8.

A divisor is a quantity by which another quantity is divided. According to Abbreviationfinder, GCD stands for Greatest Common Divisor.

Different types

The common divisor is a type of divisor through which 2 or more numbers are exactly divisible. The greatest common divisor, on the other hand, is the greatest common divisor of two numbers or more.

A frequency divider, in electronics, is a device that makes it possible to obtain an output frequency lower than the input frequency. These devices usually work with digital meters.

A voltage divider, on the other hand, is a type of configuration that is applied to an electrical circuit and that allows the voltage of a source to be distributed among several impedances that have a series connection.

As an adjective, a divider is anything that allows you to divide or separate something: “I’m going to buy a dividing panel to separate the computers and work more comfortably”, “With a dividing screen, you can separate the kitchen from the living room”.

Signal splitter

In recent years, and especially in relation to virtual video streaming services such as YouTube, the concept of ” splitter ” has become very popular. The term comes from English and is usually translated as “distributor” or “divider”. It refers to a box that is responsible for dividing the audio and video signal from a device such as a video game console or a Blu-ray player for use on two screens.

Consumers are searching tirelessly for the Holy Grail of splitters, one capable of providing impeccable video quality, in true high resolution (known as 1080p), that does not reveal any type of image or sound sacrifice and that is sell at a very affordable price. So far, all these characteristics have not been met by any product, although those who want good results know that the financial investment will be highly rewarded.

We live in an era where people watch more than they read; Although it is not correct to generalize, since there are millions of people who prefer to carefully review descriptive and technical texts of products before deciding to buy them, it is very common for people to lean towards a video analysis. And these have become part of today’s culture, mainly because reviewers do not need to pay to publish their productions, which allows for a great diversity of styles.

Before purchasing a splitter, you need to know the type of video signal being sent from the source device; If it is a relatively old device or one that simply does not have a digital output but, for example, RCA, then the price of the splitter will be much cheaper, since it will be necessary to duplicate a considerably lower number of pixels than in the case of HDMI or DVI.

Greatest Common Divisor