Everything about Business Accounting

Business Accounting

The science and technique dedicated to producing and disseminating useful information for making economic decisions is called accounting. Its development implies a study of the assets of the entities to reflect their results in accounting or financial studies, which provide a summary of an economic situation.

Commercial, for its part, is that belonging to or relating to commerce or merchants. Trade is known as the negotiation carried out to buy or sell something, to the store or commercial warehouse and to the set of merchants.

The commercial accounting, therefore, is the branch of accounting activities focused on trade. Thanks to accounting, the business manages to have a record of all its operations that can be quantified in terms of money.

The recording of monetary income and expenses allows businesses to draw conclusions about their performance and to plan their activities in the short, medium and long term. With commercial accounting, for example, it is possible to know what the monthly profits of a store were in the last year and what capital it has to make investments.

All businesses develop, in some way, commercial accounting. Those who mobilize large amounts of money usually have a department or a specialist dedicated exclusively to accounting studies. Small businesses, on the other hand, can do without an accountant since the owner performs the basic tasks of the area, such as recording the expenses for the purchase of merchandise and the sales made.

Options for keeping business accounting

When it comes to computerizing the accounting of a company, a step that is difficult to avoid today, there are three fundamental ways: prepare a series of tables in a spreadsheet that reflect the activity that until then we have carried out by hand on paper ; buy one of the many programs developed specifically for small and medium-sized business accounting; hire a programmer to create an application tailored to our needs.

The first option is undoubtedly the cheapest of the three, especially considering that there are several free products ideal for this purpose, such as the office automation packages OpenOffice and LibreOffice, both with their spreadsheets of the same name, “Calc”. However, despite being the path that requires less money, making our own tables can be too demanding for those who do not have enough computer knowledge, or the intuition to acquire it.

It is in these cases that hiring a developer may be more appropriate, although this does not guarantee success either, since it is important to give him a very clear and specific design of the program we need, since we cannot expect him to have knowledge of commercial accounting . This clarification is very important: if we cannot draw up a detailed diagram of all the functions that we hope to use for our work, it is preferable to opt for specific products, which are many and have already been tested by thousands of users.

Some of the best known programs to carry business accounting with the following:

* Managerial Analyzer : offers the necessary tools to analyze the economic and financial aspects of a company. Some of them are detailed graphs of profitability and balance sheets, and its compatibility with Excel, which allows importing and exporting files;

* Contasol : stands out for its simple interface and advanced tools, which make it a very versatile and easy-to-use program. It is worth mentioning that it is free and that it offers the possibility of managing more than one business at the same time;

* DivaCon : it is ideal for the administration of small and medium companies. Among the many functions it includes are the management of VAT movements, the entry lines and the maturity portfolio.

Business Accounting