Meaning of Safari


Whether for business or pleasure – when searching online you need fast connections and simple workflows. These can be reached with the appropriate web browser. In the best case, it also ensures that websites are displayed in a user-friendly manner. The invention of programs for web navigation goes back to the CERN researcher Tim Berners-Lee. The Safari browser occupies a special position among the numerous applications on offer.

  • Safari is the pre-installed browser on iPhone, Mac and Co.
  • The web browser can be used with the iCloud – for seamless surfing on different devices.
  • It has a data protection function that enables private work.
  • Use bookmarks to find important pages quickly.

What is safari?

The Safari browser is already preinstalled on the Apple devices. So it’s no wonder that the application is tailored to the properties of iPhone, Mac and Co. The compass-style browser allows you to set bookmarks and quickly rediscover important pages. Safari is intuitive to use, so that even newbies can quickly find their way around.

How is Safari different from other web browsers?

In addition to the Safari browser, various other programs are available for online navigation. The most popular browsers at the moment include:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera

The difference: Safari can be used exclusively with Apple devices. On the other hand, as an Apple customer, you can install alternative browsers. Among all the offers, the Google Chrome browser is particularly popular; it has been the most widely used browser worldwide since 2012. But is it the most practical for your applications?

What are the advantages of the Safari browser?

If you use Safari, you limit the individual data transfer to Google. In addition, the program knows how to inspire with its visual appearance: The browser is clearly designed and allows you to see your favorites in a stylish view. Thanks to the CoverFlow function, you can scroll through your history and easily find the pages you have visited – for example to continue work that has already started.

In addition, the included Safari Reader is a real highlight: it shows text-heavy pages in a simplified view – comparable to an e-book. You can also capture longer texts with ease. You only have to press the gray reader button next to the URL field to activate the function. You can use the “Reading List” to save certain links so that you can access them at a later date.

Those are the downsides of Safari

The browser is very fast, but you can travel even faster with the Google Chrome web browser. Here the pages need a little less time to load. Safari is also slightly slower when it starts.

The Safari browser is not intended for the Google Chromecast TV stick. Anyone who wants to transfer pictures and videos to the big screen with the Google stick is looking for an alternative browser. You can pair the Safari browser with Apple TV for this.

Practical tips for setting up the Safari web browser

When you surf the Internet, you leave traces on the pages you visit. Cookies and tracking programs save your data and pass it on to companies. Anyone who is online with the Safari web browser curbs this flow of information. In the device settings, which are hidden behind the gear symbol, you can make further settings. For example, you can activate the pop-up blocker that protects you from advertising pages. You also reject website tracking in this menu.

In the “Clear history and website data” section, you can manually cover your tracks on the web. We recommend that you enable the Fraud Alert feature, which Safari uses to notify you of fake or fraudulent content on web pages. The application saves passwords on request. This speeds up logging in to sites that ask for your access data first. Simply use the “Fill out automatically” option.

Can Safari be used for Windows?

By 2012, it was widespread practice to download Apple’s browser for the Windows operating system. The last browser that was also compatible with Microsoft’s system was version Safari 5.1.7. As of version Safari 6, installation on a Windows PC is no longer possible.

If you still want to use the outdated version of Safari 5.1.7, you are taking a great risk. The technical data of the web browser are out of date and there are several security gaps. Important to know: Apple no longer provides support for these programs. It is therefore strongly advised not to use it.

Traveling anonymously with the Safari browser

Every now and then you want to be anonymous online – for example, when it comes to buying a gift online. Use the “Private browsing” option so that the browser does not save the search history and the passwords entered during your research. Alternatively, DuckDuckGo is an integrated search engine that does not archive your data.

Which browser should Apple users choose?

Of course, when choosing a browser, individual taste is the deciding factor. Since the web browser is tailored to the Apple applications and can be linked to the iCloud, Safari is recommended. Google Chrome can be used as a second browser for using the Chromecast.